External Relations
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Aldred, David0115 84 67476Head of WebEnvelope Icon
Barclay, Georgina0115 84 68066Marketing Officer (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)Envelope Icon
Berresford, Guy0115 95 13222SEO SpecialistEnvelope Icon
Berry, Richard0115 7484340Student Recruitment Projects ManagerEnvelope Icon
Blessed, Tim86281Student Recruitment and Enquiries AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Bray, Laura0115 74 86443Student Recruitment Projects OfficerEnvelope Icon
Brooke, Lindsay0115 951 5751Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Science)Envelope Icon
Burrows, Sarah0115 82 32310Postgraduate Admissions OfficerEnvelope Icon
Cass, Elizabeth0115 74 84734Head of Media RelationsEnvelope Icon
Clarke, Frances0115 84 67150Events OfficerEnvelope Icon
Colk, Emma-Rose68057Student Recruitment Enquiries OfficerEnvelope Icon
Colley, Susie0115 84 68233Marketing and Web Development AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Cooke, Amanda0115 7484452Marketing OfficerEnvelope Icon
Daniels, Jocelyn0115 74 86135Faculty Web and Digital Officer (Social Sciences)Envelope Icon
de Cozar, Tara0115 846 8560Head of Internal CommunicationsEnvelope Icon
Feeley, Dave0115 846 8052Student Recruitment and Enquiries ManagerEnvelope Icon
Frost, Helen0115 846 8502Faculty Marketing and Communications Manager (Faculty of Arts)Envelope Icon
Gilligan-Lee, Lisa0115 846 7377Image and Photographic ManagerEnvelope Icon
Goodwin, Liz0115 951 5798Media OfficerEnvelope Icon
Gray, Sarah0115 748 6286Student Recruitment Enquiries AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Halford-Busby, Emma0115 84 67588Web OfficerEnvelope Icon
Henesey, Eloise0115 95 16804Marketing ManagerEnvelope Icon
Hickling, Joseph68059Enquiry Centre AssistantEnvelope Icon
Hodgson, Paul0115 74 86373Digital Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Holden, Ben0115 91 6607Marketing Officer - School of BiosciencesEnvelope Icon
Iwanciw, Peter0115 748 6444Student Recruitment AdminstratorEnvelope Icon
Jones, ChloƩ01157484388Marketing Officer - Faculty of ArtsEnvelope Icon
Judson, Matthew0115 74 86483Admissions OfficerEnvelope Icon
Kalia, Hament0115 84 68664Technical CopywriterEnvelope Icon
Knights, Joanne0115 74 86368Executive AssistantEnvelope Icon
Koh, Chin0115 82 31505Web and Marketing Coordinator (School of Medicine)Envelope Icon
Lowry, Emma+44 (0)115 846 7156Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Engineering) - ON MATERNITY LEAVE IN 2017Envelope Icon
Loxton, Mike0115 82 32597Web Support OfficerEnvelope Icon
Maddison, Amy0115 951 5794Head of Uk Student RecruitmentEnvelope Icon
Mathers, Leonien/aPublic and Political Affairs OfficerEnvelope Icon
McCaig-Last, Lizzy0115 84 67387Marketing ManagerEnvelope Icon
Miles, Alex07917115197Deputy Director, External Relations (Public Affairs)Envelope Icon
Mitchell, Sarah0115 74 86359Faculty Marketing Officer (Social Sciences)Envelope Icon
Moriarty, Edwin0115 95 32375Web CopywriterEnvelope Icon
Mortimer, Nathalie0115 84 68283Deputy Director - Marketing and RecruitmentEnvelope Icon
Neal, Ryan01157484416Student Communications OfficerEnvelope Icon
Parker, Joseph0115 74 84671Student Recruitment Enquiries OfficerEnvelope Icon
Patel, Tina0115 74 86445Student Recruitment and Admissions Data AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Pears, Beverley86447Student Recruitment and Admissions Data OfficerEnvelope Icon
Powis, Joanne0115 84 68053Student Recruitment Enquiries AssistantEnvelope Icon
Rayner, Emma0115 951 5793Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)Envelope Icon
Shah, Andleeb0115 74 86285Student Recruitment Enquiries AssistantEnvelope Icon
Shale, Karen0115 8468545Creative Manager (Internal Design)Envelope Icon
Smart, Katy0115 951 5765Operations ManagerEnvelope Icon
Smart, Anne0115 84 68313Digital Communications ManagerEnvelope Icon
Smith, Katie0115 74 86280Student Recruitment Enquiries AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Smith, Jayne0115 84 68050Student Recruitment Enquiries AssistantEnvelope Icon
Stevenson, Claire0115 74 86448Student Recruitment & Enquiries AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Storey, Debs0115 823 2598I look after video production in support of the University's communication, marketing and recruitment activities.Envelope Icon
Thompson, Daniel0115 7486446Student Recruitment and Admissions Data ManagerEnvelope Icon
Thorne, Emma0115 951 5793Media Relations Manager (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)Envelope Icon
Timmins, Michael0115 74 86277Faculty of Arts Web Co-OrdinatorEnvelope Icon
Tolliday, Nicola0115 748 4439Creative OfficerEnvelope Icon
Vassallo, Nicola0115 846 7299Head of MarketingEnvelope Icon
von Hallam, Eleanor0115 82 32597Web OfficerEnvelope Icon
Walmsley, Erin0115 74 84845Faculty Marketing Manager (Social Sciences)Envelope Icon
White, Rachel0115 951 5794Student Recruitment Projects OfficerEnvelope Icon
Whitney, Vivianne0115 74 86356Marketing OfficerEnvelope Icon
Wilks, Gemma0115 95 13891Web DesignerEnvelope Icon
Workman, Joanne0115 846 7400Faculty Marketing & Communications ManagerEnvelope Icon

External Relations

University of Nottingham
C Floor, Pope Building (Rooms C2-C10)
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5151
fax: +44 (0) 115 846 6787
email: externalrelations@nottingham.ac.uk