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Latest on the Student Life blog

Life after the attacks: Paris will always be my Paris
You’ll have probably read and watched a lot about Paris on social media and the news in the last couple of weeks. You’ll have read about the deadly attacks, anti-terrorist raids and European cities experiencing ‘lock downs’ in the wake of November 13th. So saying nothing new here, Paris didn’t feel like itself for the ...

Are we losing our queer spaces?
Starting university in many ways marks the crossing of a threshold: the independence and change of scenery encourages individuals to come out of their shell – and many also choose this time to come out of the closet. For many students, university offers the first opportunity to explore the LGBT+ scene: not only the clubs, ...

Abstract Thoughts of a Third Year
The ‘any plans after uni’ question makes me realise I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life.   Telling someone I’m in third year isn’t as sexy as it sounds. “I’m a Fresher” suggests freedom, copious nights out on the town, and a general endeavour for fun. Second years allude mysteriousness: living in ...