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The VC’s Life Cycle 4 Blog: Day 17 – The LC4 Community Day
An unusual start to the day: a blog to finish as always, but no breakfast cramming, no mad dash to get kitted up and get off, no route planning; some riders were even reading newspapers after breakfast. A minibus collected us at 0830 to go from Perth to Edinburgh Airport, and after check in, first ...

The Democratic Deficit of Collective Self-Defence in Japan
Written by Rikki Kersten. When Prime Minister Abe’s cabinet decided on July 1st to revise the interpretation of the pacifist clause of Japan’s constitution, commentators in Japan and around the world took notice. Those who argued the move was long overdue called it ‘historic’.[i] Those who found the move disturbing employed the language of alarm, ...

Are Political Finance Regulations Helping to Combat Party Corruption in Europe and Latin America?
Posted in British Politics,Corruption,European Politics   As has been repeatedly stated, money is the main fuel of politics. Without it political parties cannot function, elections cannot take place, and democracy – at least as we know it – cannot exist. It is for this reason, but not the only one, that most political systems in ...