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Bleak times for foreign media in China
Written by Raymond Li. China is the largest media market in the world, and therefore attracts many foreign media companies which flock into the country on the promise of lucrative returns. However, talking about the situation of foreign media in China is not an easy task, because the picture is not always clear cut as it appears ...

It’s hot, hot, hot! But ’twas ever thus!
As we sizzle in this week’s high temperatures it is worth remembering that heat waves have always been a feature of the British summer. And it is worth having a read of some of the archives currently being brought together by a team of experts led by The University of Nottingham. The Extreme Weather team ...

Problems in Huallywood
Written by Zhan Zhang. Three years ago, the National Digital Film Industrial Park opened in Wuxi, not far from Shanghai, with the nickname “Huallywood” (Hua meaning China). It was viewed as “ushering in a new golden age of filmmaking in China” and “Huallywood” aimed to become a global digital film capital in China like its counterparts in the ...