ePioneers: a quick outline.

Tony Fisher:
We knew we’d got our innovators in the School. This is the very early part of the take-up of anything, and we knew we’d got some early adopters. What we hadn’t done was, we hadn’t moved e-learning into the majority phase of adoption.

Gordon Joyes:
We began looking at how you reword a strategy for the new School of Education strategy, which would incorporate implementation. How do we leverage change?

Mike Sharples:
The idea was that we should have a coherent programme of development within the school, so that the school really gains in confidence in e-learning. A number of projects were set up and the mentoring process, which I think is central to ePioneers, was formed, so that each project has a mentor associated with it.

Do Coyle:
It’s not only about the concrete outcomes of the smaller projects, but it’s around the processes that were involved in making those projects happen, and how that has actually affected the professional development of the individuals involved.

Elaine Arici:
The outcomes are that people have got a lot more confidence, are more comfortable with using technologies and bringing them in, into their normal working practices.

So, it has helped individuals to become more knowledgeable and more confident as learners - sorry, as users of e-learning approaches, and that helps the school towards its organisational goal of becoming more of an e-learning school.

In conversation with: Elaine Arici, Do Coyle, Tony Fisher, Gordon Joyes, Mike Sharples (School of Education).

Produced: June 2008
Duration: 1 minute : 51 seconds

Videos produced in collaboration with the University's Promoting Enhanced Student Learning (PESL) initiative.

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