Outcomes: individual, school-wide and ePioneers project outcomes.

Alongside specific project outcomes, wider themes emerged:

  • staff gained confidence in identifying relevant e-learning approaches;
  • evaluating where technology can contribute was becoming embedded in normal practice;
  • the School was building its capacity to own its e-learning developments.

"There's a much wider community who are doing e-learning. It's not just restricted to a few early adopters. The majority are doing e-learning."

Gordon Joyes
School of Education
Normalising e-learning.

Outcomes themes

"It's a new medium where it's part personal, part objective, part news, part reflections and people are uncomfortable about how you use a blog and what its purpose is."


"My emphasis always is upon developing a culture of support for e-learning, so that people feel that it's something that they can just become involved in."

Building capacity

"I'm starting to think more about pedagogy, whereas before, I was too focussed on ‘How do I produce this thing?’ first of all, and ‘Where do I put it?’ and so on."

Mike Sharples
School of Education
Building an online community: a critique

Matthew Nilan
School of Education
Developing a School-wide community

Rolf Wiesemes
School of Education
ePioneers project: vodcasting - videoing lectures

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Dr Rachel Scudamore

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