Outcomes: individual, school-wide and ePioneers project outcomes.

Alongside specific project outcomes, wider themes emerged:

  • staff gained confidence in identifying relevant e-learning approaches;
  • evaluating where technology can contribute was becoming embedded in normal practice;
  • the School was building its capacity to own its e-learning developments.

"We wanted to get that done for the first week of the semester…we were able to get those quick gains that we'd been looking for."

Jane Evison
School of Education
Quick gains in e-learning.

Outcomes themes

"It's a new medium where it's part personal, part objective, part news, part reflections and people are uncomfortable about how you use a blog and what its purpose is."


"My emphasis always is upon developing a culture of support for e-learning, so that people feel that it's something that they can just become involved in."

Building capacity

"I'm starting to think more about pedagogy, whereas before, I was too focussed on ‘How do I produce this thing?’ first of all, and ‘Where do I put it?’ and so on."

Mike Sharples
School of Education
Building an online community: a critique

Matthew Nilan
School of Education
Developing a School-wide community

Rolf Wiesemes
School of Education
ePioneers project: vodcasting - videoing lectures

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Dr Rachel Scudamore

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