ePioneers approach & programme: a model for e-learning adoption.

This invitational programme reached across many areas and levels of School activity.

Projects were devised by staff with specific teaching or administrative issues in mind.

The ePioneers video conversations show staff discussing the principles and practicalities of the programme design.

"It was fundamental to ePioneers that people felt ownership of what they were doing, and they felt a sense of direction, that they owned that sense of direction."

Do Coyle
School of Education
ePioneers programme: aims and objectives.

Programme themes

"We represented different perspectives, and different levels and areas of responsibility in the School…it was a democratic group."


"There was a willingness to change. It's just the people didn't know how and didn't have the confidence."


"There were deadlines that she set, or ‘We're having a conference’…and that would help us think about how we're evaluating the project."

Tony Fisher
School of Education
Forming an e-learning strategy group

Gordon Joyes
School of Education
Auditing current e-learning activity

Richard Pemberton
School of Education
The Co-ordinator's role in maintaining project focus

Most viewed

Dr Rachel Scudamore

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