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We are starting to address the question of hospitality and its connection with travel. What does it mean to be hospitable in a globalised world? From the broadest perspective this means social relations, new forms of sociality and how changes in international relations can modify our definition of hospitality in general. As such we are investigating how new types of journey can produce different types of hospitality: from commuters to business travellers, from tourists to backpackers, from migrants to members of Diasporas, all those types of displacement are producing new forms of hospitalities. They force us to question conceptions of the ‘stranger’, how host-guest relationships are constituted and relational exchanges, including the transformations of space in which these exchanges occur. 

Public Lectures

  • Mireille Rosello (University of Amsterdam), “Human-alien dialogues: queer hospitality”, Friday 17 October 2014.
  • Paul Lynch (Edinburgh Napier University), “Exploring Hospitality as Welcome”,
    Wednesday 10 December 2014.
  • David Bell (University of Leeds) “Hospitelity: assembling care in medical tourism”, Wednesday 14 January 2015.
  • Alison Phipps (University of Glasgow), “Researching Multilingually: Dialogues between Tourism and Language Learning”, Monday 20 April 2015.
  • Professor Judith Still (University of Nottingham), "Welcoming Animals: the borders of hospitality",  5pm, Wednesday 27 May 2015, A09, Highfield House, University Park

  • Dr Ross Balzaretti (University of Nottingham), "Nottinghamshire Abroad: How to Exhibit the History of Travel", 5pm, Friday 20 November 2015, A11, Highfield House, University Park

  • Rory Maclean (Author of Berlin: Imagine a City and UK best sellers Stalin's Nose and Under the Dragon), "Magic bus: how the hippie trail changed the world", 5pm, Wednesday 20th April 2016, A48, Clive Granger Building
  • Petru Szedlacsek (University of Nottingham), ‘Commodifying Backwardness as Authenticity: Transylvanian Tourist Imagination of Fin de Siècle Szeklerland’ 4.30 pm, Wednesday 25th October 2017, A40, Clive Granger Building







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