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Innovation Training 

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Entrepreneurial and Business Training

Chemical Innovation Laboratory

A key objective of the BPU is to provide training in innovation, business, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial skills for staff and students within the School. This allows them to better understand, engage with and meet the changing needs and challenges of industry and society.

The BPU has pioneered a range of training programmes designed specifically for Chemists in academia and from the Chemical Using Industries. These compliment existing training schemes at University level provided by the Graduate School.


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From the Bench to the Bank


A programme of interactive seminar sessions where key entrepreneurs and business leaders meet staff and students to discuss key issues facing the Chemistry-Using Industries and the future role of chemists in helping to address these. Speakers have included senior managers at both major companies and small and medium enterprises, executives of professional bodies and venture capitalists. Open to all staff and students in the School the course has attracted at least 250 enrolled attendees over previous years. 



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Business Science Fellowships


For more than 12 years the BPU has run a highly successful Business Science Fellowship (BSF) programme. This scheme enables post-doctoral level chemists to gain training and hands on practical experience of working at the interface between academia and industry.

BSFs typically work on a range of commercially related projects selected from the School’s technology transfer portfolio, often in collaboration with Industrial partners. BSFs are mentored by BPU staff and also receive extensive formal training in key business, innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Work ranges from following up industrial queries via patent filing to finalising licensing deals for novel technologies. 

Former BSFs have taken up positions within, and are making a significant contribution to, a range of organisations and continue to support the BPU as visiting and returning speakers.

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Collaborations and Consultancy




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