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The School of Chemistry promotes and assists with the formation of spin-out companies around key areas of technology expertise, leading to the formation of sustainable businesses which contribute to the economic activity of the region and the UK as a whole.

We also help companies looking to "spin-in" - SMEs which are interested in relocating to the University or the surrounding area to take advantage of our technical and commercial skills, office and lab resources and experience. 

The University has incubator facilities available at BioCity and the University of Nottingham Innovation Park.


Critical Pharmaceuticals Limited

Based on ground-breaking research by Prof Steve Howdle, Critical Pharamceuticals uses its supercritical fluid technologies to formulate drugs and drug candidates within biodegradable polymers for controlled release applications. 

The first spin out company based on the School of Chemistry's research, Critical Pharmaceuticals was formed in 2002 and has since won numerous awards for innovation. Critical Pharmaceuticals has two proprietary technologies, which have entered clinical trials, are being developed as treatments for a number of medical conditions, including human growth hormone deficiency, schizophrenia and osteoporosis.

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Promethean Particles Logo

Promethean Particles

Promethean Particles was spun-out in 2008 based on a collaboration between Prof. Martyn Poliakoff in the School of Chemistry and Dr Ed Lester from the Faculty of Engineering. Promethean Particles uses ground-breaking supercritical water (scH2O) technology to produce nanoparticles with close control over their composition, size, shape, morphology and properties. The company secured a second round of funding in 2012, allowing them to move into new, larger facilities across the road from the University in Nottingham’s Science Park. They are currently building commercial scale nanoparticle manufacturing capabilities funded through the EU FP7 SHYMAN project. By developing bespoke products with their commercial partners, Promethean Particles supply into a wide range of different industries. 



QGenta is a spin-out company domiciled in Colorado, USA which has resulted from successful collaborative research between the Universities of Nottingham and the University of Colorado. A series of novel compounds developed by Prof. Chris Moody in the School of Chemistry at Nottingham and Prof David Ross and Dr David Siegel at Colorado have shown potential as the basis of future therapies for the treatment of solid tumours and in particular pancreatic cancers. Qgenta will provide a focus for rapid development and testing of these compounds and take them forward commercially. 

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