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Facilitating Impact

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Facilitating Impact in the School of Chemistry

The BPU provides innovation and impact support to the School of Chemistry and specialises in delivering impact from the School's research portfolio.

Mission Statement

To identify and nurture impact opportunities from cutting edge research teams working in areas of particular societal benefit such as next generation materials for batteries, AI enabled drug discovery, bio-based feedstocks for plastics, nanoscale catalysts reducing precious metal use and photo/electrochemical processes for efficient chemical manufacture.

To expand our engagement with local and regional companies to support the high growth cluster of chemistry using businesses in delivering post-Covid recovery and economic growth aiming to secure significant place-based Government funding.

To build on our expertise in public engagement and our Centre for Sustainable Chemistry to increase our interaction with policymakers to influence Government/Industrial strategy and promote development of green technologies in the chemicals sector. 

The flow diagram below describes how BPU facilitates impact:

Chemical Analysis at Nottingham
Facilitating Impact


Support for Research Themes

Chemical Innovation Laboratory

A key objective of the BPU is to provide dedicated support to the Research Themes identifying funding opportunities and industry links, establishing a healthy pipeline of impact activity at various stages of maturity and delivering impacts at local, regional, national and international scale.




Impact Audits

Our regular impact audits of research conducted in the School has, to-date, identified >60 impact opportunities in varying stages of development.

Leveraging input from industrial stakeholders, we ensure our research outputs are aligned to key societal and industry challenges.

 Hire our Graduates



Spin-Out Companies


Nottingham Research Chemicals

The School of Chemistry promotes and assists with the formation of spin-out companies around key areas of technology expertise, leading to the formation of sustainable businesses which contribute to the economic activity of the region and the UK as a whole.

We also help companies looking to "spin-in" - SMEs which are interested in relocating to the University or the surrounding area to take advantage of our technical and commercial skills, office and lab resources and experience. 

The University has incubator facilities available at BioCity and the University of Nottingham Innovation Park.




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