University closure dates

Bank holiday and closure dates

Buildings will be closed on the following dates, except for any special arrangements which may be made by Heads of Schools or Services or the Conference Office.

During these closures access to 24-hour computer rooms will be by University Card.  Arrangements will be made to provide access to libraries as far as possible.

These arrangements do not apply to Halls of Residence which will continue to follow their existing practices as set out in the conditions of employment of their staff.

The Lakeside Arts Centre will put its own operational hours into practice subject to the demands of programming.

University of Nottingham Sports Facilities will operate reduced opening hours during the University and bank holiday dates.  Details regarding opening times and activities available are shown at

The symbols against the dates have the following meanings:

PH = Public and Bank Holidays
UH = University Holidays
= Closure of Buildings



2022/23 Dates

State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Monday 19 September PH
Christmas 2022
Friday 23 December UH
Saturday 24 December C
Sunday 25 December C
Monday 26 December PH
Tuesday 27 December PH (In lieu of 25/12)
Wednesday 28 December UH
Thursday 29 December UH
Friday 30 December UH
Saturday 31 December C
Sunday 1 January C
Monday 2 January PH (In lieu of 1/1)
Easter 2023
Friday 7 April PH
Saturday 8 April C
Sunday 9 April C
Monday 10 April PH
Tuesday 11 April UH
Early Spring 2023
Monday 1 May PH
Monday 8 May PH
Late Spring 2023
Monday 29 May PH
Late Summer 2023
Monday 28 August PH

2023/24 Dates (subject to confirmation of public holidays)

Christmas 2023
Friday 22 December UH
Saturday 23 December C
Sunday 24 December C
Monday 25 December PH
Tuesday 26 December PH
Wednesday 27 December UH
Thursday 28 December UH
Friday 29 December UH
Saturday 30 December C
Sunday 31 December C
Monday 1 January PH
Easter 2024
Friday 29 March PH
Saturday 30 March C
Sunday 31 March C
Monday 1 April PH
Tuesday 2 April UH
Early Spring 2024
Monday 6 May PH
Late Spring 2024
Monday 27 May PH
Late Summer 2024
Monday 26 August PH

2024/25 Dates (subject to confirmation of public holidays)

Christmas 2024
Monday 23 December UH
Tuesday 24 December UH
Wednesday 25 December PH
Thursday 26 December PH
Friday 27 December UH
Saturday 28 December C
Sunday 29 December C
Monday 30 December UH
Tuesday 31 December UH
Wednesday 1 January PH
Easter 2025
Friday 18 April PH
Saturday 19 April C
Sunday 20 April C
Monday 21 April PH
Early Spring 2025
Monday 5 May PH
Late Spring 2025
Monday 26 May PH
Late Summer 2025
Monday 25 August PH

2025/26 Dates (subject to confirmation of public holidays)

Christmas 2025
Wednesday 24 December UH
Thursday 25 December PH
Friday 26 December PH
Saturday 27 December C
Sunday 28 December C
Monday 29 December UH
Tuesday 30 December UH
Wednesday 31 December UH
Thursday 1 January PH
Friday 2 January UH
Easter 2026
Friday 3 April PH
Saturday 4 April C
Sunday 5 April C
Monday 6 April PH
Early Spring 2026
Monday 4 May PH
Late Spring 2026
Monday 25 May PH
Late Summer 2026
Monday 31 August PH

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