The new University strategy


The new University Strategy 

Professor Andy Long, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor introduces the University’s new strategy

I am delighted to publish the new University Strategy which will guide our community’s research, teaching and operations over the long term. It articulates decisively a core set of principles and values, which are shared across our global institution - whether in Nottingham UK, Ningbo China, or Semenyih Malaysia - as one University with campuses in three countries.

It is also a clear expression of the feedback from us all about what sort of University we wish to be and the vision, values and goals we wish to follow. More than 26,000 pieces of feedback were received over three stages of consultation, starting with wide-ranging discussions on the 21st Century University, and focusing on our choices with the Green Paper.

The University Executive Board (UEB) considered these responses and the challenges and opportunities that we face, producing draft strategy contents in the White Paper as the final stage in consultation. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this exercise and for the commitment and passion that this has shown for our University.

The Strategy commits us to seven strategic goals, each of which can be expressed in the work of our faculties, schools, professional services areas – and our own individual work day-to-day. Briefly these are:

  • solving problems and improving lives through education, research and knowledge exchange of the highest quality
  • supporting potential by recruiting students and staff with the highest potential and desire to succeed and supporting them to achieve their goals
  • developing the campus experience by cherishing the natural environment and providing spaces that support the wellbeing of the community, whilst also engaging our students through online resources and committing to their lifelong learning
  • cultivating a global mindset by providing an international experience for everyone, and deepening our international partnerships around research and teaching
  • fostering creativity, discovery and experiment by equipping our students to be innovators, and developing incentives to ensure people are empowered to experiment without fear of failure
  • contributing to United Nations sustainable development goals through our research, education and engagement with partners, and supporting Nottingham’s desire to be zero carbon by 2028 and working with partners in China and Malaysia to improve sustainability within their regions
  • embedding collaboration in all that we do to become a university without borders, reaching out to our civic partners, industry and governments and collaborating across internal boundaries

A series of strategic enablers will ensure the University fosters an inclusive environment that supports the mental and physical wellbeing of our community, empowers everyone to achieve their potential, continues to improve transparency and enhances teaching, research and the student experience.

So our Strategy focuses on our long term future, setting the direction and being ambitious for the University over the next few decades. We have favoured simplicity over complexity to produce a Strategy that everyone in our community can understand, support and reflect in their work. In line with its sustainable principles, our Strategy is digital – there will be no glossy brochures. You can read it in a single page on our new Strategy webpages or download a copy to print on recycled paper.

This, of course, is the start rather than the end of the process. Following the Christmas break and over the next six months we will work collaboratively across our University community to implement the Strategy – starting in 2020/21 and continuing for many years to come.

During this period, we will publish the supporting delivery plans in key areas including teaching, research, our people and our estate to bring the Strategy to life. Alongside these we will establish a performance framework of indicators which will allow us to measure our success in implementing the Strategy. We will also work to reflect the Strategy in our team business plans and individual Appraisal and Development Conversations (ADC), so that we can all see how our contribution supports our University’s success.

For now, please study our Strategy, see where it reflects your feedback and consider how your work can contribute to our University’s future.



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