Management and governance

The University of Nottingham is a corporation formed by Royal Charter and holds charitable status. Two main bodies are involved in the governance of the University:

  • Council
  • Senate

The day-to-day management of the University is the responsibility of University Executive Board.


The University's governing body is the Council, which meets five times a year. It approves the strategic plans of the University and is ultimately responsible for its finances, buildings and staff.


Management and


It approves all major developments and receives regular reports from Executive Officers, and is required to present audited financial statements. The Council is made up of:

  • 14 external members
  • two student members
  • 9 academic members
  • the Registrar is Secretary to the Council

Find out more about the University Council


The academic authority of the University is the Senate, which meets three times a year. Its responsibility is to direct and regulate teaching and examinations, and to promote research. The Senate is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and its membership includes:

  • all Heads of Schools
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  • Deans
  • elected representatives of professors
  • non-professorial staff
  • student representatives

University Executive Board

The University’s Executive Board meets monthly and comprises:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellors  
  • Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Registrar
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Director of Human Resources
Governance Support

Support for the governance of the University is provided by the Registrar's Department.

University of Nottingham Strategy

Read our new University strategy here.


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