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Strategic Change Unit (formally EPMO)

The Strategic Change Unit (SCU) provides project management expertise to deliver a wide range of strategic projects, programmes and initiatives, on behalf of the University Executive Board (UEB).

  • Reporting to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the ongoing activities of the SCU include,
  • Co-ordinating the review, refresh and implementation of the Global Strategy 2014 – 2020 (GS2020), including portfolio monitoring and reporting; 
  • Supporting and challenging theme and project leads; including having oversight of strategy implementation & governance and reporting to the Strategy Delivery Board (SDB)
  • Providing, coordinating or ensuring the provision of professional programme and project management support for strategic programmes and projects
  • Developing and maintaining the University Project Management Framework and guidance to promote consistent practice and understanding of the principles and processes of project management across the University. 
  • Developing and supporting a community of practice for programme / project management staff and contractors within the University 
  • Undertaking strategic reviews of schools, business units and functions within the University according to a schedule determined by UEB
  • Undertaking or supporting ad hoc reviews and change projects as required to progress implementation of the University strategy on behalf of UEB or individual UEB members.


Strategy Delivery Board

The SDB has a remit to ensure there is consistent and targeted support for major change projects around the University, with a responsibility for monitoring the implementation of these and providing a single point of reference for the co-ordination and implementation of Global S2020.

The SCU provides the Strategy Delivery Board with a quarterly strategic analysis and overview of the whole portfolio of projects designed to support the implementation of GS2020. This includes reporting on activity, risks / issues, progress against Key Performance Indicators and providing advice on anything affecting S2020 implementation. This enables SDB to report effectively to UEB and provide a note of assurance, advice or analysis.


Team members

Hâf Merrifield, Strategic Change Director, Tel 0115 82 32380

Anne Partington, Senior Strategy Implementation Manager, Tel: 0115 84 67848

Sarah Skelton, Project Manager, Tel: 0115 74 84549

Kim Pocock, Review Project Manager, Tel: 0115 95 13017

Amanda Miller , Project Manager, Tel: 0115 95 15632

Joy Kelly, Project Manager, Tel: 0115 74 86698 

Tracey Dakin, Team Administrator, Tel: 0115 74 84918

Joy Wilmot-Carr, RIS Programme Manager, Tel: 0115 84 66753
(Embedded into Research, Enterprise and Graduate services)

Jacqui Branch, Research Strategy Programme Manger, Tel: 0115 74 86715
(Embedded into RSU)

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