Centre for Doctorial Training in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
University of Nottingham

Benefits to the PhD researcher

The CDT delivers a four-year PhD training programme. It includes specific training in AM and 3DP methods and techniques, and the opportunity to attend international study tours. All students are part of a cohort, which encourages interdisciplinary research, innovative thinking and a supportive learning environment. Each PhD project has a specific link to an industrial partner, supported by a minimum three-month industrial internship.

The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) has been successful in attracting significant funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) to support our innovative and comprehensive training programme. 

The CDT in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing (3DP) is therefore able to provide successful applicants that satisfy the EPSRC eligibility criteria with a generous scholarship package that includes:

  • Tuition fees paid

  • A tax-free annual stipend of up to £20,000 (subject to agreement and confirmation)

  • A dedicated training programme to enable Researchers to understand the breadth and depth of AM and 3DP technology

  • Resources to support training, development, travel and research

  • An international travel budget for visits to overseas laboratories and attendance at international conferences

The CDT Student Charter PDF format explains what researchers can expect from the CDT and supervisors. It also clarifies what the CDT expects from its researchers. 

Centre for Doctoral Training in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Email: amcdt@nottingham.ac.uk