Centre for Doctorial Training in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
University of Nottingham

The supervisory team draws on the EPSRC Centre of Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing led by The University of Nottingham in partnership with Loughborough University and augments this with international leaders in AM research at the University of Liverpool and Newcastle University.

At present across the four universities over 40 academic supervisors are currently linked to the CDT in order to manage, supervise and teach core modules to our cohorts.

The University of Nottingham
Prof Chris Tuck Additive Manufacturing
Prof Richard Hague Additive Manufacturing
Prof Ricky Wildman Fluid Flow and Modelling
Prof Ian Ashcroft Solid Mechanics and Modelling
Prof Phill Dickens Additive Manufacturing
Dr Adam Clare Additive Manufacturing
Prof Richard Leach Metrology
Prof Morgan Alexander Pharmacy
Prof Steve Howdle Polymer Chemistry
Dr Ruth Goodridge Additive Manufacturing
Loughborough University 
Dr Daniel Engstrom Additive Manufacturing
Dr Steve Edmondson Polymer Science
Dr Steve Christie Chemistry
Prof Paul Conway Electronics
Dr Carmen Torres Sanchez Bioengineering
Dr Ross Friel Additive Manufacturing
Dr Richard Bibb Design
Dr Ian Campbell Design
Dr Guy Bingham Design
Dr Abby Paterson Design
Prof Bala Vaidhyanathan Materials
Dr Barry Howarth Materials
Dr Simon Hogg Materials
Dr Rebecca Higginson Materials
Newcastle University
Prof Kenny Dalgarno Additive Manufacturing
Dr David Fulton Chemistry
Dr Dehong Huo Precision Engineering
Dr Matt German Dentistry
Dr Oana Bretcanu Biomaterials
Dr Brian Shaw Design
The University of Liverpool
Dr Kate Black Electronic Materials
Prof John Hunt Biomaterials
Dr Bob Mines Metallurgy
Prof Andrew Owen Pharmacology
Prof Wesley Cantwell Materials Science
Prof Rachel Williams Biomaterials
Prof Steve Rannard Chemistry
Dr Peter Fox Metallurgy


Centre for Doctoral Training in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Email: amcdt@nottingham.ac.uk