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How can postgraduate studies boost employability?

Taking your studies to the next level not only deepens your subject knowledge, but can also increase your employablity.

Whether you have chosen a course directly related to a particular career

A headshot of James Philip Hewlett wearing a suit and standing in front of a grey background
Coming to the end of my undergraduate degree, I realised that translation was something I was passionate about, so I started looking into doing an MA in order to develop my skills further.

Whether you will tailor a course towards working within a particular industry

 Olivia French 500x500
When I decided that I wanted to try and pursue a career in publishing I thought, if I’m going to do an MA, I want to focus on modern, 20th century literature and get more of an understanding of what’s been published in the past 50 years.

Our postgraduate courses give you key skills vital for employability

Charlotte Emma Jones wearing a black jumper and smiling in front of a white background
The most important skills I've gained are communication and the ability to write well. It's really important, and needed in so many different areas for so many different types of jobs

A careers service designed just for postgraduate students

The university offers individual support to all postgraduate students whatever your course, mode of study or future career plans.

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