Digital Transformations Hub

We support your digital research through:

  • providing resources
  • consultancy
  • project design and participation.
Young white woman (Aja Ireland) wearing a VR headset and holding controllers looking to the right of the camera with several large monitors behind her


As a researcher you have full access to the Digital Transformation Hub and can use our equipment and software for free. You can also borrow certain equipment for fieldwork, including international trips. If you are unsure of how to make the best use of equipment and software we can provide full training to yourself and project teams.



If you're not sure how your project can benefit from a digital dimension then come and talk to us. We can advise on how digital might be integrated into your research, how it might improve the quality of your outputs and help with demonstrating impact.

Through our experience, contacts and networks we can find resources and help you explore all the possibilities from:

  • initial data capture
  • processing and visualisation
  • digital presentation of your findings.


By involving the DTH you can ensure that a digital perspective is integral to your project. We have experience of designing projects from initial briefs through to final funding submissions and reporting on progress and and impact. We can support your test or pilot projects to help gather evidence for larger bids.

As well as project design we can provide training and workshops for project participants and partners, both academic and non-academic.

Leonardo Fellowship

Leonardo Fellow image

We support an artist-in-residence with full access to the Hub's resources. They work with our student volunteers on digital media based projects and provide specialist assistance to users.


Our Leonardo Fellows

Civil War Petitions

civil war petitions logo

Civil War Petitions is a fully-searchable digital edition of over 4,000 petitions for relief from maimed soldiers and war widows from the English Civil Wars.

DTH Director Erin Snyder helped to design the digital elements of the project, draft the successful bid and ensure successful delivery with technical partners.


Civil War Petitions website

Anniversaries through coins

Antoninianus coin

Commemorating historical anniversaries through blog-posts and twitter updates. Each anniversary is accompanied by a high quality digital image of an ancient coin, created using DTH scanning equipment.


Anniversaries through coins website

Hidden Histories Workshops 

School pupil using ipad

DTH manager Matt Davies works with the Centre for Hidden Histories to run digitisation workshops for children from local schools.





Digital Transformations Hub

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