Digital Transformations Hub

Borrowing equipment

A wide range of our equipment can be borrowed and taken off-site.
Heritage Digital Activity Pack

What’s available

  • High-powered laptops
  • Tablets and tripods
  • Audio recorders, USB microphones, and lapel mics
  • High-quality cameras and tripods
  • 360 video camera
  • iPads with 3D scanning equipment
  • Digital and slide projectors

Who can borrow

Any student or member of staff associated with the Faculty of Arts can use our equipment for coursework, research, or teaching.

You will need your staff or student ID when you come to collect the equipment.

How to borrow

Loan periods

There are no fixed loan periods. Discuss with us what you want to do and we'll agree the loan period when you borrow the equipment.

Some equipment is pre-reserved for use on teaching modules during certain periods. If you want to reserve equipment for a specified period let us know as far in advance as possible.

Insurance and limitations on use

Some specialised equipment requires insurance to be taken off-campus. Contact us for further information.

Borrowers are responsible for appropriate use of equipment.


Read how one of our Heritage Digital Activity Packs found itself doing research field work in the Philippines!



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