Digital Transformations Hub


Create and edit video for research, presentations and projects. 

video in DHC

What you can do

  • Film original content.
  • Edit video to create compelling stories.
  • Combine several videos into one.
  • Add, edit and remove audio.
  • Combine video with photos and graphics.
  • Convert tape to digital.

Why use us

  • Professional equipment and software for high quality results.
  • Get advice and support.
  • Shoot, edit and output video in the same space using our integrated systems.


  • Video cameras.
  • 360 degree camera
  • Microphones, headphones and tripods.
  • iPads.


  • Premier pro – video editing.
  • Camtasia – video editing and screen recording.
See our how-to guides for practical advice on creating content (login required)

What do I need to know?

  • Copyright restrictions may exist on existing video. You are legally responsible for staying within the law.  Check out our guidance before you start your work.
  • Insurance may be required if borrowing equipment to take off-site.
  • Experience of some equipment may be required.
  • Advance booking essential for equipment. 

How to book equipment

Please email ahead to check the equipment that you wish to borrow or use on-site is available.

Digital Transformations Hub

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