A Conversation on Authoritarianism in Asia: Special focus on Iran and Burma

Thursday 30th March 2023 (10:00-11:30)

A webinar hosted by University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute - Malaysia 

Since the Spring Revolution in Burma sparked by the Tatmadaw coup d’etat on Feb 1st 2021, and the civil unrest and mass protests due to the Mahsa Amini death in detention in September 2022 in Iran, there have been much interest on these two hotspots. The international media initially portrayed the Mahsa Amini protests as an Islamist oppression of women under the hejab when in reality, the issues include a slew of broader problems not limited to gender that are part of the characteristics of authoritarian regimes. As for Myanmar, it is not so much that international media grossly misrepresents the conflict in the country as much as it just has ceased to attend to the ongoing revolution at all, as other global events have taken pride of place. This is unfortunate as Myanmar’s revolution is not just directed against the military but at a number of other entrenched problems - racism, classism, and patriarchy - as well. In both cases, political opposition has been stifled and civilians—including children, and ethnic minorities have been fired upon. While these two events in recent history seem spectacular and momentous democratic uprisings, they are by no means new in the contextual history of authoritarianism in these nations.

Join our conversation with panel experts, Julia Roknifard (Iran) and Eliiott Prasse-Freeman (Myanmar) to discuss how authoritarianism refuses to loosen its grip in these two countries in Asia. Comparing the two states, we will cover the underlying economic reasons; the role of women; youth and the revolution; trans-ethnic solidarity whether mobilisation stems from ethnic exclusion or a cohesive uprising for national goals and lastly, the significance and consequences of violence.

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