Colonel B D SHAW Centenary Celebrations

11th February 1998. Department of Chemistry, University of Nottingham 

"In 1928, the University's Chemical and Physical Society had very distinguished visitors who gave very erudite lectures which no one understood.  Attendance was falling off.  I was invited to give a lecture which brought the audience in.  Having had a lifelong interest in explosives, I gave a lecture. I did bring the audience in.  I had to continue."

In this way, Colonel B. D. Shaw, First World War hero and lecturer at the University of Nottingham, became one of the most famous British demonstration lecturers of all time. He was 100 on 10th February 1998. This site shows how his 100th birthday was celebrated by nearly 400 hundred of his friends, relatives and admirers in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham.

* Career of Colonel Shaw
* His Explosives Lecture
* His Famous Musket Experiment
* Programme of Celebrations
* Pictures from the Celebrations
* The Shaw Medal
* Ordering information for the Video of the Centenerary Celebrations

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