Colonel B D SHAW Centenary Celebrations

Pictures from the days celebrations

Brian Shaw celebrated his 100th birthday as the guest of the Department of Chemistry at Nottingham University. Many of his friends, former students and colleagues were there to congratulate Dr. Shaw.

A number of guests were invited to speak on the subject of demonstration lectures, providing an entertaining and and at times very noisy programme of events.


The Sheriff of Nottingham (right) was greeted by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Gerry Pattenden outside the Chemistry building.
The Vice-Chancellor Sir Colin Campbell (centre) and the Registrar Mr. D. J. Allen were greeted by Dr. M.A. Healy (right), Chairman of the B. D. Shaw Celebration Committee.

Col. Brian Shaw arrived and was welcomed by Sir Colin Campbell (centre) and Prof. Mike Chesters, Head of Chemistry.

The invited speakers lectured to a packed house. In addition to the overflowing lecture theatre the entire programme was relayed by video to a second, equally packed, lecture theatre.


Prof. Martyn Poliakoff chaired the events before tea, which included a lecture from Dr David Jones ( 1996 Shaw Medallist), University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who lectured on `Convincing Postmodern Demonstrations'


After tea Colonel Shaw was presented with a birthday cake, complete with 100 candles!!

Which he succeeded in blowing out after they had been spectacularly lit by David Jones!!

Colonel Shaw then cut the cake, under the gaze of the Vice-Chancellor and Sheriff


This year's Shaw Medallist, Dr. Ann Hubbard, then gave her colourful lecture "To planet Earth, with love from chemistry" which earned her the Shaw Medal for 1998. She was assisted by Dr. John Hanson.



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