Colonel B D SHAW Centenary Celebrations

Programme of Celebrations, 11th February 1998

  •  Welcome and Introduction

  •     Professor M A Chesters, Head of Chemistry, The University of Nottingham
  • `Lecture Demonstration: The Classical Scene'

  •     Dr Alec Campbell, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  •  `Convincing Postmodern Demonstrations'

  •     Dr David Jones (1996 Shaw Medallist), University of Newcastle -upon -Tyne
  •  B D Shaw Film and Firing of the Famous Musket

  •  Cutting of the Centenary Cake Dr Brian Shaw

  •  Presentation of the 1998 Shaw Medal to Dr. Ann Hubbard

  •    Sir Colin Campbell, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Nottingham
  •  `To Planet Earth, with Love from Chemistry'

  •     Dr Ann Hubbard, 1998 Shaw Medal Lecture, Reigate College, Surrey

    A video of the days events is available

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    - Department of Chemistry
    - The University of Nottingham Web Site