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A career with strings attached

Luca Stradivari1Not long ago, the NUBS alumni team heard a remarkable story involving a chance meeting, an extraordinary business and one of the most celebrated and eminent names in classical music history.

It all began last autumn when recent Business School graduate and keen amateur musician Hang Su (Human Resource Management and Organisation 2018), was overheard rehearsing in the piano practice room at the University by fellow Nottingham graduate Luca Stradivari (Music 2016) during a visit to the UK for his theatre show in London and exhibition in Cambridge.

Luca - an Italian poet, instrumentalist and composer - is the son of award winning Milanese actress and theatre artist Antonia Stradivari, and descendant of the world’s most famous violin-maker Antonio Stradivari. Su had previously gained experience as a learning and development project manager and was involved in organising a variety of programs, seminars, and activities.

The two engaged in conversation and quickly recognised a shared passion for music, education and China. This led to discussions about the possibility of organising a seminar or concert in China with Luca. Although initially reluctant, Luca agreed after Su’s knowledge and enthusiasm persuaded him that this type of cultural education could make a genuine impact with children in China.

Su explained: “Most of the education products in China are quite utilitarian so we wanted to create something that would enlighten parents and students on what is true artistry by one of the most authoritative musical family’s in the world.”

And so with the support of professional advice and expertise from Luca’s mother Antonia - based on 40 years’ experience in theatre education and training - Su began the task of designing a range of fun products and activities aimed at Chinese families, both parents and children alike.

The full portfolio includes workshops, concerts, seminars and summer trips held at the Stradivari Castle in Italy.

Since starting the business, a wide variety of individuals have participated in workshops and seminars e.g. people who like art, parents who want to cultivate their children, and children with an interest in music. The concerts have attracted a lot of fellow professionals who learn and work in music environments.

Luca Stradivari2

Su commented: “This is about true beauty and creativity in art. China has grown increasingly economically wealthy, but we want to inspire people’s imagination and develop their aesthetic appreciation.

We are now starting to work with some big education institutions like universities and will also be collaborating with popular Chinese quartet ‘Shan Ze’. At some point this year we are about to step into violin-making and selling business.

All these programs are based on a sense of long term cooperation and the continuous development of our art and educational products, but we still have a long way to go.”

Posted on Sunday 10th March 2019




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