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Sport can produce successful candidates when it comes to the graduate employer market. The skills gained in the sporting environment whether participating or volunteering are transferable to job applications, interviews and the workplace. Employers are aware of this, we’re aware of this, but are you? Don’t take our word for it, let the research show you…






higher average salaries for males and females involved in sport at university with lower levels of academic achievement 

of employers stated that a student's involvement in sports, could make a difference in a hiring decision

improvement in the graduate prospects of males with involvement in team-based sports


Podcast: An employer's perspective of using sporting experience during applications

Ash Watts, Careers Adviser, speaks to Gareth Kerr, Head of Sales Proposition at Intelliflo about the role sport can play when applying for jobs. Hear Gareth's perspective as an employer about how your experiences in sport can transfer to the workplace and how you can demonstrate these skills during the application process, from CV to interview.

Giada Pedretti competing in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu
Sports are not only lots of fun and a way to make friends, but they can also help you gain several transferable skills which can be useful for your future career.

Giada Pedretti, graduate

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