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Nottingham Advantage Award


The Advantage Award is the University of Nottingham’s free employability scheme.

The Award offers a variety of modules and you can do up to two per year in addition to your degree. The modules enable you to:

  • get recognition for extra-curricular activities you are doing, such as a part-time job or a role in a society committee.
  • try something new! For example, take part in a placement or work experience with a local organisation, work as a team in simulated business scenarios, or, visit local schools to teach languages and literacy.
  • meet other students.
  • identify and reflect on the skills you have gained.
  • showcase your skills to employers.

There is plenty on offer to enrich your time at Nottingham and add to your CV. You will be able to track your progress and results through MyCareer.


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Postgraduate student?

Check out our Postgraduate Award

The Award is the University's free employability scheme that helps you prepare for the job market and formally recognises your extracurricular activities.


Who is it for?

The Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA) is for undergraduate students from any degree, including those studying a course with an integrated masters, looking to develop skills, gain experience and meet new people.  

If you are a postgraduate student, take a look at the Nottingham Postgraduate Advantage Award which is tailored specifically for postgraduates.  
Nottingham Postgraduate Advantage Award 


How does it work?

You can choose any of the modules in the Award catalogue; you might decide to take modules related to your degree, accredit an activity you are already doing, develop a new skill or try something completely different. You can take part in the award at any stage throughout your studies, there is no expectation to complete a certain number of modules, and you can take up to two modules per year.  

When selecting your modules, make sure you read the details carefully as some modules have pre-requisite criteria. For example, you may need to have already been accepted onto the related activity (such as the Consultancy Challenge), you may need a minimum level of academic achievement etc.  

Once your application has been accepted, you will work through your module and complete the assessments. Each module is unique and may contain different activities such as, workshops, self-directed learning, group activities and more. These activities will be stated in the module details before you apply.  

You can view the modules you have applied for through Your Advantage Award on MyCareer. Once you have completed the module and passed your assessments, Your Advantage Award will be updated. You can download a copy of your results from MyCareer at any time.


How do I take part?

  1. Browse the Award catalogue.

  1. Register for the NAA .

  1. Apply for your chosen modules.  Autumn modules generally open for applications in September; Spring modules generally open for applications in November. 

  1. Complete the modules, including the assessments. 


Hear from previous NAA students and read our blog

“There was a great sense of community and support even though we were online. This module was great for developing transferable skills that would be relevant in a variety of careers and everyday life.”
Elizabeth Ryan, student
I developed my ability to communicate with others in different situations, and discovered new directions in which I could take my career. Most importantly, I built a stronger character that I feel proud to carry with me into the future.
Dylan Cox, graduate
Before starting I thought I was too shy to speak in public. However, during the module I learnt how to effectively prepare a speech and now I feel much more confident.
Vivina Sardo, graduate
During my time at Nonsuch Studios, I learnt transferable skills I can take with me into whatever career path I choose. A strong company ethos motivates me and will be something I consider when I next start a new job. Self-reflection increased my productivity, and I look forward to continuing to learn unique and valuable skills.
Alex Paszkowicz, student 

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