Graduating in 2024

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During the spring and summer terms, there are plenty of opportunities for you to:

  • explore your options
  • talk to our advisers
  • meet recruiters on campus
  • brush up your job-hunting skills

Whether you have no ideas, are ready to apply for jobs or somewhere in between, read the advice from our team, Nottingham students and alumni. 

If you don't have a lot of time just now, talk to us after your exams, dissertation or graduation. You can use our service for life.


Are you unsure about what you want to do?

Perhaps instead of asking the question of what do you want to do, we should frame it differently. What do you not want to do?

Advice from our experts

If you have no ideas or too many ideas, and career options with your subject

Are you interested in gaining work experience?

The work environment and the hands-on experience have played a significant role in preparing me for my future.

Advice from our experts

Work experience opportunities including the Nottingham Internship Scheme



Are you searching for graduate jobs or thinking about taking some time out?

Graduate roles

Believe in your abilities and be open to trying new opportunities, and you’ll find that you can get places far beyond what you initially thought you could.

Taking time out

It's important to remember that having a grad scheme is not the be-all and end-all for leaving uni. Taking a break after university can be very beneficial.

Graduate jobs in the UK for international students

I realised that early preparation is the cornerstone of success. Applying throughout the year allowed me to learn from missteps and refine my approach.

Advice from our experts

Explore graduate jobs and where to look for vacancies

Find out more about taking time out

Looking for jobs in the UK as an international student

Looking for jobs outside the UK



Are you considering or applying for further study?

I would recommend looking into a master’s degree if there is a subject you are passionate about or a course that would help you progress in your career.

Advice from our experts

Finding courses, applying and funding for a master's or PhD

Are you ready to apply for graduate jobs?

Companies that offer graduate schemes can see when an individual is truly passionate about the role they are applying for.

Advice from our experts

From crafting your CV through to interviews and assessment centres



Do you want to prepare for your first day at work?

Building connections and getting to know co-workers begins with a simple smile and a friendly approach.

Advice from our experts

Explore our navigating the workplace pages for help and advice about starting your first job

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