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2021 prize winners


The Advantage Award recognises your efforts in developing and reflecting upon your employability skills, helping to prepare you for your future career.

We also award a series of prizes, sponsored by employers, to students who have gone above and beyond during their Award modules.


2021 Advantage Award prize winners

Contribution to the Community Prize

This prize recognises an individual student's passion for their contribution to the local community. 

Supported by Teach First

Hannah Wright

The Nottingham Advantage Award has given me the opportunity to develop a range of transferable, practical skills outside of my academic studies. I am now confident that I can effectively display my strengths and skills to future employers, which is a valuable addition to my university education. The modules I chose allowed me to fulfil my desire to have a positive impact on my community, including mentoring first year university students, and tutoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  


Hannah Wright, MSc Mental Health: Research and Practice


I have had an amazing experience working with the local community through the Nottingham Advantage Award. Teaching English as a second language to adult refugees, migrants and asylum seekers was incredibly rewarding and has motivated me to continue to work with the local community. The award has also allowed me to work with school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping to create a positive change within these schools. My modules have provided me with great opportunities to develop key skills and have helped me decide on a career path in which I intend to continue giving back to the community.  

Highly commended:

Yasmin Khandakar-Uddin, third year BSc Mathematics

Yasmin Khandakar-Uddin



Leadership Prize

This prize recognises an individual student who has demonstrated leadership skills.

Supported by Mars 

Calum Heslop

I applied for the Nottingham Advantage Award as I wished to challenge myself and further develop a range of skills, including strong leadership, teamwork, and clear, effective communication. The award offered a wide range of modules that looked interesting and hugely beneficial for my development, making deciding which modules to apply for an unexpectedly challenging part of the Advantage Award!  

Completing a Students as Change Agents project allowed me to make a measurable difference to the student community, whilst the Nottingham Consultancy Challenge further improved my ability to lead a diverse team throughout a project and successfully completing it over and above the expectations of the client. However, the module I most enjoyed linked to my voluntary work as a First Responder with the East Midlands Ambulance Service. The leadership skills I further developed on the award were transferrable into effectively managing emergency situations, working collaboratively with my colleagues, and ensuring quality patient care. These are also valuable skills I can continue to develop and transfer into my medical studies and future career as a doctor.  


Calum Heslop, third year BMBS Medicine


Personal Development Prize

This prize recognises an individual student for their commitment to personal development.

Supported by Capital One

Ben Raho

The Nottingham Advantage award allowed me to be a part of more than just my degree. The NAA developed my interpersonal skills as well as my professionalism throughout the process. I am so glad that I applied to this scheme as the benefits gained are truly unmatched compared to any other programme that I have previously been a part of. I applied for Capital One’s Personal Development prize as it rewards individuals who have overcome numerous obstacles and challenges. I feel honoured to be awarded with such a prestigious prize and have the Nottingham Advantage Award present on my manuscript when I graduate. I want to thank all the NAA team for making these prizes possible and wish future applicants the best of luck! 


Ben Raho, second year BSc Economics


I have very much enjoyed the Nottingham Advantage Award. It is such a broad and accessible way to improve on workplace skills beyond your degree. I have been exposed to a wide range of different skills and opportunities directly because of participating on some of the modules. For example, I was able to network and get a mentor who assisted me with tips for that profession. This commendation from the award is a fantastic end to the opportunity. I have even mentioned the award in an interview since to truly demonstrate some of the key competencies of the company, namely growth and development. I would encourage my peers to both get involved with the NAA and to apply for the prizes too!  

Highly commended:

Janice Fordjour third year LLB Law

Janice Fordjour

Inclusion Prize

This prize recognises the outstanding achievement of a student who has supported inclusion in their activities throughout the Award

Supported by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Sophie Foster

Completing the modules as a part of my Nottingham Advantage Award has enhanced my experience as a student at the University of Nottingham as I have had exciting opportunities to develop my transferrable skills and make positive changes within my community. Through my chosen modules I have supported young people from non-traditional backgrounds in Higher Education to realise their potential and learn about university life. I have also been able to support Foundation Arts students as part of Project ThinkTank, with the goal of creating a more inclusive space within the Faculty of Arts. The Award has inspired me to take the skills I have developed and use them to put inclusion at the forefront of my work in the future.  


Sophie Foster, third year BA History


Professional Development Prize

This prize recognises students' passion, innovation and dedication to their professional development.

Supported by Boots 

Bryony A

Alongside my degree, I was keen to participate in extra-curricular activities in order to advance my professional development and increase my skillset. The Nottingham Advantage Award has been a great way to do this, giving me a wide range of opportunities to develop my employability skills despite lockdown restrictions! Through the Award I have honed the valuable skills of reflection, flexibility and time management, among others, which I hope will serve me well as I navigate the job market. The Professional Development Prize in particular appealed to me as Boots shares many of my core values, such as care, dedication and innovation. These values influenced the modules I selected as part of the Advantage Award, for example, participating in the Nottingham Consultancy Challenge which required a dedicated and caring approach to finding innovative solutions. 


Bryony Adshead, third year BA English


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