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Working in sport

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Working in sport

If you want to work in sport, it is worth taking the time to look at the sector and understand who does what, where and when.

You will need to consider the organisations and roles that currently exist (and may exist in the future) match them to your values, motivation and skill set and finally put a plan in place to realise your ambition.

The examples that follow illustrate the diversity of jobs undertaken in a variety of settings, from the football club, to work in the community and within the media.


Spotlight On: Sports and Exercise Science

We invited four professionals to talk to you about their roles in sports and exercise science:

  • Theo Bampouras, Researcher, Senior Lecturer, Coach and BASES Committee Member
  • Joe Agu, Director of Nutrition Coaching
  • Joe Payne, Sales Specialist within the NHS and private sector
  • James Darling, Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Working at a football club

Examples of roles at a football club
 Media Community Science Corporate Services
  • events manager

  • sponsorship

  • product licensing

  • mobile and content

  • broadcasting

  • community partnership officer

  • youth engagement

  • tour guide

  • supporters clubs

  • disability officer

  • safety

  • coach

  • strength and conditioning

  • nutritionist

  • sports scientist

  • performance analyst

  • sport therapist

  • physiotherapy

  • doctor

  • psychologist

  • finance

  • marketing

  • legal

  • human resources

  • facilities management 



Sport England

Outside of professional or elite sport there are plenty of organisations and roles connected to sport. For example, if we look at the reach of Sport England you can see how sport works on many levels from increasing sport participation amongst the public, improving health and wellbeing and supporting elite talent. Examples of jobs are listed under the descriptors below.


Physical wellbeing 

From helping to prevent and manage medical conditions to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, the benefits of sport and activity on a person's physical wellbeing are profound.

  • health mentor
  • psychological wellbeing practitioner
  • health and wellbeing coach
  • public health consultant
  • health and wellbeing advisor

Individual development

Evidence clearly shows that being active improves educational behaviour and attainment, through greater self-esteem, confidence and direct cognitive benefits.

  • disability sports participation officer
  • student engagement coordinator
  • club participation officer
  • community sport officer

Mental wellbeing 

Physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, with the mastering of new skills often increasing confidence and self-esteem.

  • fitness and wellbeing advisor
  • activity professional
  • occupational health worker
  • psychological wellbeing practitioner

Social and community development

Promoting social trust, reducing isolation, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together, volunteering and social engagement, helping communities to integrate.

  • rugby league development officer
  • Sky Blues into the community - coach (Coventry City)
  • leisure and wellness co-ordinator
  • community activator
  • community project officer (Scottish FA)
  • sports project co-ordinator
  • community sports officer

Economic development

  • sport tourism
  • sports policy, programme and projects officer
  • sports development officer
  • health educator - diabetes
  • public health improvement officer



Sport media

There are a variety of roles, diverse businesses and organisations that operate in the sports media space. The job examples below are not comprehensive, but an illustration of what is currently operating in this space.


  • engineer
  • technology lead
  • data engineer
  • data scientist
  • product manager
  • designer
  • software developer

Sport journalism

  • digital
  • print
  • broadcast
  • content editor
  • journalist
  • writer
  • reporter
  • social media
  • celebrity reporter

Betting and gaming

  • trading
  • marketing analytics
  • product development
  • IT and technical

Social media

  • account executive
  • account manager
  • digital account manager
  • programmatic analyst
  • advertising technology manager
  • audience data analyst
  • media planning
  • commercial web developer


  • software engineer
  • java developer
  • football systems operator
  • content insight analyst
  • digital content maker
  • video producer


  • British Esports Association
  • admin/referee
  • agent
  • broadcast and production
  • shoutcaster/host
  • coach/analyst
  • community manager
  • event manager
  • journalist/content creator
  • observer
  • organisational manager
  • public relations/marketing
  • pro gamer
  • product manager
  • recruitment/human resources
  • sales

Useful job links

Job sites

These are just some of the many websites you can search for employment in sports and sport related roles.

UK Sport

Global sports jobs

Careers in sport

Leisure jobs

Media Beans

Academic jobs in sport

NHS jobs


Sport media

Careers in sport media


Liberty Global

Gravity Media

Sky Group 


Media companies such as Liberty Global, Sky, BBC, Sports Revolution and Input Media illustrate the diversity of organisations involved in sport.

Sport in Nottingham

If you are looking for sport related opportunities in Nottingham the following organisations might be worth investigating further.

Active Nottingham 

Nottingham Forest Community Trust

Notts County Foundation

Nottinghamshire County Council Sport for all scheme

Trent Bridge Community Trust


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