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Want to improve your leadership or presentation skills, focus on your wellbeing or feel more confident with Microsoft Excel?

Our new learning engine matches you to recommended resources to develop key competencies sought after by employers. The more you use it, the better magpie will understand your preferences and tailor the content to you.

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What is magpie?

magpie is an online personalised learning engine aimed at developing essential career skills. It tailors its content to match your needs and suggests useful learning tools that are specific to you in order to help you develop skills to succeed in your line of work. 


How does it work?

When you register your magpie account, you will be asked a number of questions about your learning style and current skill levels. Magpie will use your answers to build a personalised profile of your goals, strengths, and weaknesses and recommend a variety of resources, such as blogs, articles, videos and online courses.

The range of resources means you can choose depending on the time available to you. Short on time? Browse a blog. More time to get stuck in? Why not take an online course? Remember you can always bookmark content to revisit at a later date. 

As you continue to develop your skills with magpie, your recommendations will change to keep up with your progress. 

Please note, your suggested content is based on the answers you provide when you initially register your magpie account. However, you can adjust your goals at any time to access the full range of resources.


Why should I use magpie? Watch our student video

As part of our online offering, magpie allows you to develop your career skills anywhere at any time.

Whether you notice a weakness in a skill or you want to get ahead of the curve to impress potential employers, the depth of online resources is always available to help you meet your goals. 

Its ease of use and wide array of resources will help you round out your professional skills at your convenience.

Hear Petru's thoughts on using magpie

In this video Petru discusses magpie, how it works, what it means for you and why you might want to make use of this new online learning engine to aid your career development.



What skills can I develop?

Magpie's unique learning engine pulls resources from a vast library allowing you to develop a range of careers skills such as:

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • time management
  • Microsoft Office
  • public speaking
  • project management 
  • problem solving
  • commercial awareness
  • data handling
  • work-life balance
  • communication
  • decision making

Essential Skills playlist

Alternatively, you can just jump straight in by browsing our Essential Skills playlist. This features content that will help you to develop the skills that we know employers value, such as digital capabilities, collaborating with others, professional communication, and reflection.


Student case study using magpie

My situation

I’ve recently completed an online internship. It was a great experience and I picked up lots of new skills and knowledge. Next year, I would like to do another internship, except this time I’d like to do it in-person.  

I wanted to reflect on what I gained from the online internship and build further insight and skills that will help me in the workplace when I undertake an in-person internship. 

How did you use magpie? 

Step one – I logged in and updated my goals (top right hand corner). I chose to focus on three skill areas: 

  • Basic Microsoft Excel skills – I used Excel quite a bit during my online internship, so my confidence has grown but I know there’s still plenty of functionality to explore so I’d like to further build on my newfound skills for next time around. 
  • Presentation skills – I had to deliver a presentation about the project I’d been working on at the end of my online internship. I got through it and received decent feedback, but it could have been a lot slicker. I’d like to get some pointers around delivering with confidence and keeping an audience engaged, especially when it’s in person as I can’t have loads of post-it notes stuck all around the screen to keep me on track
  • Networking and relationship building – I met some interesting people who were passionate about their work, and they all said to get in touch if I need anything. I’d like to explore how I might make the most of these contacts and start to build a professional network. Hopefully this might even help me to find another internship. 

Step two – I used the filter function to narrow down the resources. I prefer to watch or listen rather than read so I selected video and podcast resources.

  • I found several one and two-minute ‘how to...’ videos about Excel, so I’ve now taught myself how to insert sparklines so that you can quickly visualise data trends, and how to create a pivot table. 
  • I listened to a comedian talking about how she hooks people's interest when doing a live set and how this could be translated to delivering a presentation in the workplace, and I’ve since challenged myself to practice some of these techniques so I feel more confident when I actually have to stand up in front of people.
  • I used a self-assessment questionnaire to determine where I sit on the extrovert-introvert scale and used this to reflect on how I might approach reaching out to some of the people I met during my first internship, and then I listened to the author of a book about small talk explain the value of ‘chit-chat’ when building relationships and how to strike up warm conversations, which I think might come in handy during the first few days in the office if I do another internship.

Step three – after using each resource, magpie prompted me to make notes, so I jotted down key takeaway points and pledged to myself what action I would take.


How do I access magpie?

Simply log in to magpie using any of the 'Login' links on this page and your University of Nottingham email.

When first logging in, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to build a personalised learning profile. You'll need around 10 minutes to complete this in one sitting to get the most accurate results. You can change your answers any any point after registering to alter the content you see on the dashboard. 

Once you have completed the registration, the tool is available to use whenever you like. Whether you use magpie on a regular basis to develop your skills or just log in when you want to sharpen a particular skill, magpie will be ready with your personalised suggestions.

Log in on your browser using the link on the right or via your mobile through MyNottingham.

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