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Publications 2007

CFCM staff have published recently in the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Economic Journal, the Journal of Economic Theory, the International Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Monetary Economics, the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, the Journal of Health Economics, Economica and many more.

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2007 Working Papers
07/11 Rob Carpenter and Alessandra Guariglia Investment Behaviour, Observable Expectations, and Internal Funds: a comments on Cummins et al, AER (2006)
07/10 John Tsoukalas The Cyclical Dynamics of Investment: The Role of Financing and Irreversibility Constraints published in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 35(7),  1000-1016, 2011.
07/09 Spiros Bougheas, Paul Mizen and Cihan Yalcin An Open Economy Model of the Credit Channel Applied to Four Asian Economies
07/08 Paul Mizen & Kevin Lee Household Credit and Probability Forecasts of Financial Distress in the United Kingdom
07/07 Tae-Hwan Kim, Paul Mizen & Alan Thanaset Monetary Information and Monetary Policy Decisions: Evidence from the Euroarea and the UK Published in Journal of Macroeconomics, 34, 326-341, June 2012.
07/06 Tae-Hwan Kim, and Paul Mizen Estimating Monetary Reaction Functions at Near Zero Interest Rates: An Example Using Japanese Data Published in Economics Letters, (2010) 106(1), 57-60.
07/05 Paul Mizen, Tae-Hwan Kim and Alan Thanaset Evaluating the Taylor Principle Over the Distribution of the Interest Rate: Evidence from the US, UK & Japan Published in Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, (2009) 41(8), 1705-23.
07/04 Tae-Hwan Kim, Paul Mizen and Alan Thanaset Forecasting Changes in UK Interest rates Published in Journal of Forecasting, (2008) 27(1), 53-74.
07/03 Alessandra Guariglia Internal Financial Constraints, External Financial Constraints, and Investment Choice: Evidence From a Panel of UK Firms published in Banking and Finance, 32, 1795-1809, 2008.
07/02 Richard Disney Household Saving Rates and the Design of Public Pension Programmes: Cross-Country Evidence
07/01 Richard Disney, Carl Emmerson and Matthew Wakefield Public Provision and Retirement Saving: Lessons from the U.K.

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