Childcare Services

Financial Support

The University offers staff and students sources of financial support towards the cost of childcare.


Nursery Tax Scheme

Staff who use University-owned and managed services are eligible to apply to join the Nursery Tax Scheme with savings of up to 25% off the full cost of your childcare fees. You will take a reduced salary in return for free childcare thus making tax and National Insurance (NI) savings on the full value of your childcare. Strict terms and conditions apply — for more details please contact the Childcare Services Manager.

Edenred childcare vouchers (Closed to new entrants)

Edenred and the University are working together to provide all staff members of the University, using any registered childcare provision, with access to this scheme to make National Insurance (NI) and tax savings on the cost of your childcare. The maximum value you can have in childcare vouchers, per parent, is £243; your actual childcare fees may be higher. However, in the tax scheme, the full cost of your childcare can be in the scheme, subject to your tax/NI contributions being sufficient to cover the value of the fees. This scheme close to new entrants 4th October 2018.

For further information please contact Edenred:

t: 0800 247 1233

Our Edenred account number is P20076125. Our scheme ID is UNIV9241, which you will need when registering.

Both the Day Nursery and Playcentre accept childcare vouchers from other companies in addition to Edenred.

Tax credits

Working Tax Credit is now available if you work 16 hours or more per week – HM Revenue and Customs for more information, Within Working Tax Credit there is a childcare element and depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for up to £122.50 (1 child) or £210 (2 or more children)  maximum per week.

In addition, you may still be entitled to claim the family element of Child Tax Credit. This could be applicable if you are a lone parent or part of a couple, whether you are in work or not, with at least one child aged under 16. This is in addition to child benefit. For more information and up to date details you can phone the Tax Credit helpline on 0345 300 3900 or visit

Please note that when using the Nursery Tax Scheme or childcare vouchers you are deemed to be paying zero fees for the value in each scheme.


Student rate

A number of places within the Day Nursery and Playcentre are offered at a student rate to eligible students — see fees brochure for details. 

Childcare support scheme

This scheme is administered by the University and provides some financial assistance to eligible students who use registered childcare provision. This is means-tested. For eligibility criteria and an application form please visit and follow the link to ‘Factsheets and forms’.

Access to Learning Fund

This fund provides discretionary financial assistance to help students access and remain in higher education. It is only available to home students. For more information and an application form, please visit and follow the link to ‘Factsheets and forms’.


Childcare grant

This grant is available to home students on low family incomes and is worth up to 85% of childcare costs. For further information please visit and follow the links to Childcare and Parenting for further information.

Child Tax Credit

You may be eligible for support through Child Tax Credit. You can be a lone parent or couple, in/out of work and have at least one child. For further details please visit



For further information on fees and financial support please look through our fees brochure or contact us:


t: +44 (0)115 951 5222

Childcare Services

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