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Languages for Business provides language and cultural support for businesses located primarily in the Midlands.

How can we help you?

Through our free student placement service we can help you to:

  • export goods or services overseas by carrying out research into potential overseas markets
  • attract business from abroad and reach new audiences by translating documents such as websites and brochures as well as implementing new communication platforms e.g. WeChat/Weibo
  • make a good impression with potential international clients using the language skills and business etiquette you and your team obtain to give your business an edge when bidding for international contracts
  • network with other local organisations

As a global university with extensive language skills and cultural knowledge, we can provide access to a network of UK and international students, researchers and academic expertise who can help to support your international communications strategy. 




  • Transform your presence in international markets
  • Help you communicate effectively with overseas clients
  • Impact on your business's bottom line

Our projects

In-company placements

Students can undertake a project within your company to meet a business need. Student placements generally run from January – May or October to December (but this is flexible) and last for 40 – 50 hours in total (in general this works out to one day per week for 8-10 weeks). The days and hours are flexible and can be agreed between the student and placement provider. Previous projects students have undertaken whilst on placements include:

  • Research into potential overseas markets and possible routes to market
  • Formation and implementation of an international social media communications plan
  • Translation work either written or verbal
  • Providing cultural expertise such as advising on business etiquette in a particular region

  • Developing robust administrative and project systems for international funding bids
  • Liaison with international businesses, including creation and development of networks of best practice

In terms of your own time, you will need to commit to overseeing the placement student while they are working in your company. This means ensuring that a thorough induction is undertaken including any health and safety requirements, and regular progress meetings are undertaken to monitor the progress of the student placement.  If you don’t have a dedicated office space it is possible for the student to work remotely, although you will need to have public liability insurance.

Research-based projects 

Students working in international groups will take your brief and work on it for 4-5 weeks before presenting their results to you. How much time the students are able to dedicate to the project varies depending on their course and other commitments. 

Previous projects have taken the following format:

  • Each student will spend around 3-4 hours a week on the challenge. Thus, for a group of 4 students, over a 4-week period, there might be 50-60 hours spent researching, designing and thinking about solutions within your organisation.
  • In terms of your own time, you will need to commit to 3 two-hour meetings with your student group with two normally taking place on University Park campus.  Students may also have questions throughout the project so it is useful if you are happy to answer quick queries over email. 
  • We also ask you to offer some written feedback to the student group on how well they have answered the brief and how you might use their information.

Language and business etiquette projects

If you are looking to develop your language capabilities and or knowledge of business etiquette, students with language teacher training and experience will work with you over a four to five-week cycle for two hours per week at a convenient location- most likely your place of work.  Again, we ask you to offer some written feedback to the student(s) on how well they have met your needs.


Pressac have benefitted greatly from the placement. Danielle liaised with Pressac’s representative company in France to ensure Pressac’s marketing communications and technical documentation were translated correctly. Danielle created a plan and tracking document, then worked through the actions. In short, the outputs have been excellent and will lead to an increased/ improved relationship with the partner company and ultimately increased profitability and sales. The knowledge of the French culture and language that the placement provided was immensely valuable. In short, the placement was very worthwhile. 

Jasper Spencer, Pressac Communications



The two interns, Emma and Honor, conducted translation work and product placement market research for the French and Spanish markets respectively. Their work has enabled our research into these regions to be more thorough, and helped to develop our strategy around expanding into these markets. It has also further strengthened our already very productive relationship with the University

Andrew Nightingale, Easy PreOrders



The challenge was to produce Mandarin and Cantonese versions of the brochure – not only in terms of language but also in terms of design and cultural acceptance. The placement students tackled the project with enthusiasm and intelligence. They dealt with the respective translations with great care and efficiency, always considerate of any important legal and statutory content. They provided cultural insight which would have been particularly difficult for the company to source without their assistance.

Phil Stubbs, Director of Marketing, Specialist Advisors Ltd



We couldn’t have done this without her – she started the conversations in German – even if they then switched to English the fact that she understood them has meant they are ringing back as they believe they are understood.

Eve Davies, Eve Davies Consulting



Mike has been brilliant.  Reliable, conscientious, keen, used initiative.  The outcome wasn't ideal in that we've found that Spain doesn't have a developed intervention/remedial/special needs schools market.  But it was really useful to find that out.


We've just sent some sample books to Germany (as a result of Jess' work), so that could be a possible market. 

David Sharp, Power of 2 Publishing



Ruoqi's knowledge of the Chinese culture and language was both important and relevant to our business. She was able to read local periodicals and budget plans which we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves. As a result of the research Ruoqi did during her placement with us, we have been able to identify target markets by understanding which regions in China have a better football focus and which local governments have football as part of their 5 year plans. This research has ultimately influenced our business's international trade and choice of export markets.

Kayleigh Renberg-Fawcett, China Britain Football Centre



Case Study: China Britain Football Centre

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