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Sara Andre Da costa

Teaching Associate in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Faculty of Arts



I graduated in General and Romance Languages Linguistics from the University of Lisbon - Faculty of Arts, in 2003, and between 2003 and 2004 I have completed a Specialist Course for Editing Technicians. I have completed, in 2019, the Associate Teachers Program, which provides me with an Associate Fellowship of Advance HE, obtained via the internal Nottingham Recognition Scheme.

I also have a Master's degree in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies, from the University of Nottingham (2019). The thesis focus on Herberto Helder (Portugal, 1930-2015) and is entitled herberto helder: os gestos do poema. This research, supervised by Dr Rui Miranda and Prof Bernard McGuirk, examines in which ways the poetical subjectivity disappears inside the poem and is transformed into the poem itself through a combination of processes, and analyses Helder's conception of a continuous poem while developing his own poetical philosophy. Herberto Helder's poetry is renowned as being enigmatic and obscure, drawing on surrealism and symbolism. Hence, the urge for new critical approaches to his poetry is frequently considered not only a challenge but also of great relevance in modern and contemporary Portuguese literature.

My current research (PhD), also supervised by Dr Rui Miranda and Prof Bernard McGuirk, aims to develop the first comparative study on the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) and the Portuguese poet Herberto Helder (1930-2015), two key figures from 20th century Lusophone literature.

Over the past years, I have been teaching Portuguese Language in Modern Languages and Cultures - Spanish Portuguese and Latin American Studies Section. In this role I delivered a wide range of seminars and tutorials for undergraduate students at different levels (MLAC/1049: Beginners 1, MLAC/2062: Beginners 2, and MLAC/2118: Post A-level), including writing and listening tutorials, and seminars focusing on grammar and oral communication. For the past two years, I have been teaching the Oral Seminar for both Portuguese 1 - Beginners and Portuguese 2 - Beginners.

I am also a Portuguese language teacher at the Language Centre, where I deliver classes of Portuguese Language Level 1 for MBA/MSc students (Business School - UoN) and Portuguese Language Level 1 and 2 for the general public and students who have signed up for the Language Centre's evening classes, being the convenor of all the three levels.

As I believe that language acquisition can be encouraged and facilitated through a rich and varied range of activities, which include introducing students to specific elements of Lusophone culture, such as literature and cinema, I regularly organise extra-curricular activities. In these, are included the "Lusophone Cinema Cycle" and the "Portuguese Christmas Party". I also co-organised with Lorna Kirkby and Mark Sabine (SPLAS) the visit of eminent Portuguese writer Hélia Correia to Nottingham (2017) and the "Contemporary Brazilian Cinema Series" (2018) with Gianlluca Simi (CFM/SPLAS).

This year (2019), I am organising with Dr Rui Miranda an International Conference to celebrate the 100 years of Sophia de Mello Breyner and Jorge de Sena, two of the most eminent personalities of the Portuguese literary landscape (December 2019).

Recent Publications


  • Participant at VIII ABIL Conference (September), a conference dedicated to Lusophone Literature and Cultures at the University of Ebinburgh (United Kingdom). I presented a paper entitled Tapeçarias: do tecido poético em A Máquina de Emaranhar Paisagens, de Herberto Helder​​​​​​.


  • Participant at University of Nottingham's SPLAS PGR Community Forum (June). I presented a paper entitled Herberto Helder: the poet-poem.
  • Participant at II Colóquio de Poesia Portuguesa Moderna e Contemporânea (May), a conference dedicated to Portuguese poetry at the Universidade Federal Fulminense (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). I presented a paper entitled Herberto Helder: poeta-poema.


  • Participant at After Clarice - Lispector's Legacy (November), a conference dedicated to the work of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector at the University of Oxford. I presented a paper entitled Mutatis Mutandis - Ausências Comunicantes.


  • Participant at Congresso Internacional Herberto Helder - Uma Vida Inteira a Fundar um Poema (November), dedicated to the work of the Portuguese poet Herberto Helder at the University of Madeira, Portugal. I presented a paper entitled Clarice Lispector e Herberto Helder: a procura continua.


  • Participant at XVIII Congresso Nacional da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística (Congress of Portuguese Linguistics Association), School of Languages and Literature - University of Oporto, Portugal. I presented a paper entitled Carta de Marear para a Morfologia.

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