Computer Science Visiting Lecture Series - Professor Muffy Calder and Dr Michele Sevegnani

Wednesday 28th January 2015 (12:45-13:45)

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Professor Muffy Calder and Dr Michele Sevegnani from the University of Glasgow will visit the university on 28th January

This lecture will be hosted by the Mixed Reality Lab as part of the School of Computer Science Visiting Lecture Series


Muffy Calder is Professor of Formal Methods in the department of Computing Science at Glasgow. She is also Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland and has research interests in mathematical modelling and automated reasoning for concurrent, communicating systems; model-checking, process algebras, probabilistic systems, protocols and telecommunications services, biochemical networks and cell signalling, safety-critical systems.

Michele Sevegnani is an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow and his research addresses reasoning about reliability and predictability of location-aware, event-based, software systems, particularly systems that are already deployed. His current work involves requirements analysis for air traffic control engineering and communicating systems, techniques for the formal modelling and analysis of mixed reality systems, conceptual frameworks for modelling and analysis of heterogeneous mobile robotic systems.

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