Luxury and Wealth in the Archaic to Hellenistic Peloponnese



14 April - 15 April 2016




A3 Humanities Building
The University of Nottingham
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Full delegate rate - £60
Single day rate - £30
Student/Concessionary rate - £40
Student/Concessionary day rate - £20
Conference dinner - £20




Owing to the generosity of the Classical Association, we are able to offer a small number of bursaries to postgraduate students attending the conference: up to £50 for The University of Nottingham postgraduate students; up to £100 for external postgraduate students. Applications from external postgraduate students are especially encouraged. If you wish to be considered for a bursary, please first complete your conference registration and payment. Then email Professor Stephen Hodkinson, requesting a bursary. Please explain your reasons for attending the conference and provide a brief financial statement of your expected costs, including travel, accommodation, and conference fee.

Postgraduates studying at UK universities (other than The University of Nottingham) are also eligible to apply to the Thomas Wiedemann Memorial Fund for a small research grant (up to £100) towards their costs of attending the conference. For the terms and conditions of these grants and an online application form, see the website.


Keynote speakers

Professor Robin Osborne (Cambridge), 'The Politics of Flashing: from wealth of material to discourse of luxury in a world full of gods'

Session 1: Plousioi, the generation of wealth and the community

Professor Paul Christensen (Dartmouth), 'Leisure as a Consumption Good in Archaic and Classical Sparta'

Professor Alain Bresson (Chicago), 'Were the Spartans the plousioi or the ptochoi of the Peloponnese?'

Dr Sarah Murray (Nebraska), 'Capital and Labour as avenues to Wealth in Peloponnesian Communities'


Session 2: Private Piety and Public Display: religious dedication, games, buildings

Dr Sophia Aneziri (Athens), 'Donations and endowments for religious purposes'

Professor Georgia Alevra-Kokkorou (Athens), 'Marble: a luxury material in Early Greek Architecture'

Dr Selene Psoma (Athens), 'The Peloponnese from Alexander to Aktion: are there signs of wealth and luxury?'

Dr Chrysanthi Gallou (Nottingham), 'The dedication of luxurious textiles, clothing accessories and textile tolls in Lakedaimonian sanctuaries'


Session 3: Luxury and wealth as praised and vilified in Greek poetry and drama

Professor Patrick Finglass (Nottingham), 'The wealth of Alcman'

Dr Lilah-Grace Canevaro (Edinburgh), 'Creation, Communication, Commodification: Women and Wealth in Homeric Epic'

Dr Lyndsay Coo (Bristol), 'Tragedy and the Wealth of Troy'


Session 4: Austerity, hubris and sumptuary legislation

Professor Hans van Wees (UCL), 'Luxury, austerity and equality in Sparta and elsewhere'

Dr Alain Duplouy (Paris-Nanterre), 'Burial in pre-classical Argos and Corinth'

Dr Lucia Cecchet (Mainz), 'Maintaining Social Control: The meaning and effect of austerity and equality on the poor'


Session 5: Elite women and the display of wealth vs the culture of female modesty

Professor Ellen Millender (Reed), 'Aristotelian Anesis vs. Platonic Communalism: Fourth-Century Constructions of Spartan Women'

Dr Kate Gilhuly (Wellesley), 'Lais, Wealthy Corinth and Nostalgia'

Dr Annalisa Paradiso (Basilicata) and Dr James Roy (Nottingham), 'Kyniska - Production and Use of Wealth'


Is this for you?

On the occasion of the Centre's Decennial Anniversary we are pleased to announce its 4th International Conference which is themed 'Luxury and Wealth in the Archaic to Hellenistic Peloponnese'.

The theme of the conference is timely as it aims to stimulate scholarly thinking and dialogue into past attitudes to luxury, wealth and austerity from a historical, philolgical and archaeological perspective, which in turn should challenge current understandings of luxury and wealth, and generate reflection on current socio-economic conditions and possible alternatives. Luxury and wealth are positioned within their most general contexts, with emphasis placed on their relationships to past lifestyles and choices made.

In order to achieve the aims and objectives of this international conference we have assembled a combination of leading scholars and outstanding early career researchers in the field from the UK, greece, Italy, France, Germany, and the USA.

You will enjoy this conference if you have an interest in:

  • The Peloponnese
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Luxury and wealth
  • Greek poetry and drama
  • Sparta
  • Economy
  • Austerity
  • Cult, sanctuaries and dedications

Conference essentials


Conference dinner

A conference dinner is available at a cost of £20 per person, to include starter, main course (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available), dessert, tea/coffee, and fruit.

The dinner will be at:
Antalya Restaurant
31/32 Forman Street

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