DXCT 2018

Conference Program

Day 1 Training courses and tutorials
 Time Topic Presenter
 9:00 - 12:00

 Introduction to fundamentals of 3D metrology

  1. An introduction to metrology
  2. Principles of assessing design intent
  3. Degrees of freedom
  4. Datum and coordinate systems
  5. Tolerance frames
  6. Tolerance types
  7. Measurement strategy
  8. Uncertainty, accuracy, precision, confusion
  9. Influence parameters
  10. Summary
  11. Questions and discussions






13:00 - 14:00

 From X-ray images to dimensional measurements

  1. Introduction to industrial CT

  • History and applications of industrial CT
  • CT system fundamentals
  • Pipeline for performing dimensional measurements                             

  2. Quality of CT measurements

  • Influence factors in CT
  • Effects of various influence factors, e.g. imaging artifacts, blur, noise, contrast
  • Reference objects for qualifying CT instrument performance
  • "Good scan" vs. "bad scan": practical examples and decision making





Evalina Ametova
(KU Leuven)

14:00 - 15:00

Instrument-specific influence factors

  1. Characterization of imaging system characteristics

  • Detector characteristics and their compensation                                  
  • X-ray focal spot characteristics

  2. Instrument geometry

  • Parameterization
  • Geometrical measurement procedure and dedicated reference object
  • Implementation on actual CT instruments  
  • Compensation of instrument misalignments





Massimiliano Ferrucci

15:00 - 16:00

CT for surface measurements

  1. Extraction of surface data from CT systems

  • The surface extraction pipeline
  • Conversation from volumetric to height map data

  2. Surface metrology for CT

  • Measurement verification by comparison
  • Methods of comparison:
      • An introduction to surface parameters
      • Direct comparison of topographies





Adam Thompson
(University of Nottingham)



Day 2 Conference
TimeEventTitleSpeakerSession chair
8:30 Arrival       
9:00 Coffee      


Opening comments

Opening remarks by Prof. Richard Leach


Richard Leach


Keynote 1 

Performance verification of industrial CT systems 

Prof. Michael McCarthy

Richard Leach


Presentation session 1

 Toward dimension X-ray computed tomography for smart manufacturing  Liming Li  Richard Leach
     Digital inspection of multi-material industrial parts  Andreas Staude  Richard Leach
10:50  Coffee break      
11:20  Presentation session 2  Effects of sinogram interpolation for increasing throughput rate of surface topography measurements using X-ray computed tomography  Lars Körner  Adam Thompson
    Hyper-parameter selection for accurate reconstruction in XCT tomography  Stephane Chretien  Adam Thompson
     Effect of thickness variation on dimensional measurement and surface morphology of additively manufactured thin walled structures investigated by X-ray computed tomography  Amir Reza Zekavat  Adam Thompson
12:20  Lunch      
13:20  Keynote 2  Use of µ-XCT in the medical devices industry  Paul A. Gunning Stephen Brown 
13:50  Presentation session 3  X-ray computed tomography investigation of additive manufactured acetabular hip prosthesis  Dr Nadia Kourra  Stephen Brown
     XCT dimensional measurement workflow influences  Nathanael Turner  Stephen Brown
14:30  Coffee break and poster session      
15:10  Presentation session 4  Optimisation of compact laser-driven accelerator x-ray sources for imaging applications  Dr Daniel Symes  Wenjuan Sun
     Development of 2D Local Adaptive Algorithms for Surface Determination of X-ray Computed Tomography Measurement  Shan Lou  Wenjuan Sun
     The optimisation of X-ray CT data collection and automated analysis for industrial applications  Tristan Lowe  Wenjuan Sun
16:10  Panel Discussion      Wenjuan Sun
16:40  Intro to dXCT 2019 and 2020  The future of dXCT

Dr Paul Bills

Dr Martin Turner

 Wenjuan Sun
16:50  Closing remarks and prize award  Closing remarks by Dr Wenjuan Sun    Wenjuan Sun
17:00  Close      

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