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When self-help isn't helping or isn't helping enough

You’ve tried a number of things, but you still feel bad – or everything just seems too much. You don’t know where to start to do something about the problem and you feel discouraged.

This is when you need to find someone to talk to. So who should it be?

Here are some suggestions:

The University Counselling Service

Counselling may be able to help you to understand the thoughts and feelings which create and maintain anxiety.

It can also help you to find ways of managing the symptoms of anxiety.

Academic Support

Academic Support have produced a range of study resources which can help you review your study strategies and explore ways of improving them..

Studying Effectively - Lots of useful information about managing your studies.

Your GP

If your anxiety is severe and impairs your level of functioning, your GP may prescribe medication or may refer you somewhere to help you to manage the symptoms.

You can use to find your nearest GP or there's the Cripps Health Centre on campus at University Park.

The staff in your school or department will be able to talk to you about what support is available in the department and the University as a whole.
The Chaplains
The Chaplaincy provide a space to talk about anything that is bothering you.
Nightline will listen to you if you need someone to talk to and may suggest helpful resources you can use
The Samaritans

The Samaritans are there at any time of day or night if you feel very bad and alone.

You can email, text or call them:


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