The University Counselling Service

Staff appointment booking process

Arranging an appointment is a two step process:

  1. First - complete a registration form (see links below)

  2. Second - activate your registration by emailing your contact number to

If you have not completed the form, you will be directed to do so before an appointment will be made.

We will ring you from a withheld number to make the appointment

Your support session will last up to 50 minutes. The time will be used to discuss your situation in more depth to help you gain a clearer understanding of what has been happening and to think about some strategies that might help.

If this is an emergency situation please contact your GP or other providers

  • Name
  • Contact method
    We need to be able to contact you by phone and/or email, we are unable to contact via text message. Text messaging is used only to send appointment reminders. Appointments will take place by phone or video call.
  • OK to email?
  • OK to phone?
  • OK to text? This is for appointment reminders only
  • Are you currently in
  • Have you used this service before?
  • Accessibility requirements
    Let us know if you have any accessibility requirements
  • Do you have any accessibility requirements?


University Counselling Service

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