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Assessment & marking.

Assessment and marking of the exams and coursework of dyslexic students can raise many issues and concerns.

Here you will find suggestions for addressing some of these issues, for example, giving feedback and adjusting deadlines in ways that benefit dyslexic students.

You may find ideas for both inclusive practice and for making reasonable adjustments that are applicable in your discipline area.

Inclusive teaching

Examples from Coursework

  • Offer an opportunity to learn discipline specific writing practices.
  • Be clear about guidance that students can expect while doing coursework.
  • Be explicit about how spelling and grammar will be marked.

Video examples

Dyslexia video: "Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.." Duration: 2 minutes : 59 seconds

Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.

"…so if you're struggling with something on Kant or something then you can leave that to the last deadline…"

2 min 59s inclusive teaching video by Andrew Fisher et al., in Coursework

Dyslexia video: "Feedback on exams: written sheets in History.." Duration: 2 minutes : 28 seconds

Feedback on exams: written sheets in History.

"…students who've got very particular learning strategies can get feedback on how those strategies are actually working…"

2 min 28s inclusive teaching video by Nick Thomas, in Exams

Dyslexia video: "Making individual adjustments for online exams.." Duration: 2 minutes : 56 seconds

Making individual adjustments for online exams.

"…We can send exam papers in both colours to both these students simultaneously just by pressing a few buttons…"

2 min 56s reasonable adjustments video by Simon Wilkinson et al., in Assessment style

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