East Midlands Research into Ageing Network (EMRAN)
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About EMRAN Discussion Papers                                               


The East Midlands Research into Ageing Network (EMRAN) hosts this online journal--the EMRAN Discussion Paper series. ISSN: 2059-3341

The network is for all researchers, professionals and members of the public with an interest in applied clinical research in ageing and older people.


EMRAN has one simple objective, which is to facilitate collaborative applied clinical research into ageing and older people. The network hosts a series of events each year across the East Midlands, providing members with the opportunity to showcase their work and forge collaborations to produce world-class research based in the East Midlands. Details of current and recent EMRAN activity, and opportunities to join EMRAN are found on the main EMRAN webpage.

EMRAN was established with the support of the CLAHRC-East Midlands “Caring for Older People and Stroke Survivors” (COPSS) research theme. 

Editorial Board

The EMRAN Discussion Paper series has an Editorial Board drawn from members of EMRAN. It publishes a wide range of papers such as research protocols, field work, conference or other events, literature reviews, further details about studies published elsewhere, and audits.

Papers do not go through a formal external peer review process, but are assessed by the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board always advises that papers that might be better submitted for a peer reviewed publication are not published as EMRAN Discussion Papers. Similarly, the Editorial Board will decline to publish papers that are unsound. The Medical Crises in Older People Discussion Paper Series, set up in 2008, provides an example of a discussion paper series. The information in the papers published here were felt to be of generalisable value and hence put in the public domain, but thought not to be suitable as scientific articles in peer reviewed journals.

The Editorial Board comprises Professor John Gladman (Editor-in-chief), Associate Professor Adam Gordon, Dr Simon Conroy, Associate Professor Sarah Goldberg, Professor Avril Drummond, Dr Victoria Haunton, Professor Niro Siriwardena and Dr Jo Middlemass.

As well as providing access to the EMRAN Discussion Paper series, this site also holds an archive of journal articles, abstracts and other outputs and impacts related to EMRAN and its members.


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