East Midlands Research into Ageing Network (EMRAN)
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Submitting papers to the EMRAN Discussion Paper Series

Who can submit?

Papers from anyone in the East Midlands (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland) with an interest in research in the care of older people are welcomed.

Informal discussions about the suitability of potential articles before submission is advised. Contact gail.arnold@nottingham.ac.uk

Publishing format

EMRAN papers are published electronically on this site: there is no print version.

Editorial process

The EMRAN Discussion Paper series is not peer reviewed, but assessed by an Editorial Board. The Editorial Board will assess that the paper is in scope, is logical, literate, consistent and properly formatted.

The sorts of papers that are suitable as discussion papers are usually preliminary research findings that will not be competitive in peer reviewed journals, but which are of future value - examples include: scoping or mapping literature reviews prior to formal systematic reviews; descriptive articles of an intervention or tool; the proceeding of a conference or event; study protocols; or pilot work. Full reports of studies giving more detail than is permitted in peer reviewed journals can be published.

Word limit

There is no formal word limit, but they are typically 3000-5000 words long. There are no limits on the number of figures or tables, but there are usually 3-5.

Reporting schedule and style

Where possible a standard reporting schedule should be used. Otherwise the main text should use a simple logical structure such as Summary/Abstract”, “Introduction”, “Method”, “Results”, “Discussion”,
“Acknowledgements/Disclaimers”, and “References”. Footnotes and appendices should be avoided. References should be cited in the text using sequential numbers in square brackets ([1], [2], etc.) and listed in that order in the References section in Vancouver style. Websites should be carefully checked for the URL and state the date accessed (accessed DD Month Year)

The EMRAN Discussion Paper templateMS Word Iconshould be used, using Verdana 10 font, 1.5 spacing.






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