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Hao Liu

Professor of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering


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Currently, Professor Liu acts as the Associate Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy at Nottingham. He is a Chartered (Energy) Engineer and a member of the Energy Institute. He has research expertise in coal combustion, power plant engineering, fluidized bed technology, and biomass combustion and gasification. He has designed and tested a number of laboratory-scale and pilot-scale combustion facilities in sizes ranging from a fraction of a kW to 20 MW and has extensive research experience in modelling of combustion, gasification and power plant power generation.

Prof Liu is the Head of the Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies (LCERT) Research Group.

Past research projects include (1) Reburning for NOx emission control (Sponsor: EPSRC) (2) Strategies for reduction of nitrous oxide emissions from combustion in a circulating fluidized bed (Sponsor: EPSRC) (3) Process simulation of circulating fluidized beds with combustion/gasification of biomass (Sponsor: EU Joule programme) (4) Coal combustion in CO2 rich flue gas - an approach to industrial applications in power stations (Sponsor: EU ECSC programme) (5) Small-scale biomass-fired CHP system (Sponsor: EPSRC) (6) Geothermal heat pump (Sponsors: EPSRC/Roger Bullivant Ltd),

His current research interests concentrate on renewable energy technologies (in particular biomass technology), clean combustion and carbon abatement technologies. His on-going research projects include (1) Cleaning of product gases from biomass gasification (Sponsor: EPSRC), (2) Integrated Biomass-fuelled CHP/cooling system (Sponsor: TSB), (3) Influence of impurities on CO2 transportation/storage (Sponser: EPSRC/University of Nottingham - the Bridging Gap fund), (4) Small-scale woody and non-woody biomass pellet boiler with low NOx and particulate emissions (Sponsor: the Carbon Trust), (5) Innovative Adsorbent Materials and Processes for Integrated Carbon Capture and Multi-pollutant Control for Fossil Fuel Power Generation (Sponsor: EPSRC), (6) The Next Generation of Activated Carbon Adsorbents for CO2 Capture in IGCC Processes (Sponsor: EPSRC).

Many of his past and present research projects involve collaborations with UK/International universities/institutions and industrial partners.

Future Research

Future research continues to focus on 'clean fossil fuels, carbon capture and biomass technologies', including biomass/coal combustion, gasification, micro-scale combined heat and power generation, clean fossil fuel technologies (oxy-fuel combustion, chemical looping combustion, combustion-generated pollution control, carbon capture and storage etc.), sustainable waste management and disposal, hydrogen production from biomass/coal etc.

Further enquiries from potential national/international collaborators and high calibre PhD applicants are welcome.

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