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I fell in love with computers from the first time when I received my Sinclair ZX Spectrum and programmed it using BASIC in the 80s! I went to college to graduate as an electronics engineer in 1994 and worked as a computer engineer for 2 years before going to Malaysia for post-graduate studies. Both my MSc and PhD were on nonlinear and intelligent system identification and control of electrical machines, the subjects that I mainly teach, besides aerial robotics. Currently, most of my projects and supervision are mainly on robotics, especially drones.

Expertise Summary

Fellow HAE

Senior member of the IEEE

Member of the IET


Served as an associate editor for IET Power Electronics.

Teaching Summary

Electrical machines.

Advanced AC drives.

Advanced Control systems.


Research Summary

My research interests include nonlinear and intelligent control, electric machines and drives, embedded systems, and fault tolerance of digital systems.

Control Systems; Intelligent, Robust, Real-Time with Embedded Systems.

Robotics; Manipulators, Mobile Robots (Ground, Flying, and Underwater)

Machines and Drives; Fault Tolerance in Multi-phase Machines and Multilevel Inverters.

Non-volatile memories; ReRAMs esp. Memristors and PCMs.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Among my research achievements are more than 185 publications, 15 PhD graduates, and 6 patents.

Future Research

Quantum computing.

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