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Carol Eastwick

Senior Tutor and Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering


Expertise Summary

Dr Eastwick uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental fluid dynamics and analytical approaches to thermofluids design to investigate complex industrial problems in the energy and transport sectors. Enabling power density improvement for electrical generators by novel thermal management to facilitate electrification of land, sea and air transport is an example of one area of research. Much of her work has involved two phase flow, for example thin and thick film flow, droplet impact, combustion of pulverised fuel (coal and biomass) and milling/conveying of solid fuel.

Dr Eastwick is a member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group.

Teaching Summary

Dr Eastwick is the senior tutor for M3, as such she oversees personal tutoring which supports personal development and welfare for all students in the department.

Dr Eastwick teaching interests are in the Thermofluids area of Mechanical Engineering. In particular the role that fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer play in engineering systems, which is informed by her research into energy generation and storage technologies. Dr Eastwick is also involved in the development of e-learning material relating to engineering and teaching development more generally.

Undergraduate Modules

  • MM1TF1 - Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 1 (students please see Moodle site)
  • MM3AET - Introduction to Aerospace Technology (students please see Moodle site)
  • H42AEP - Aerospace Aerodynamics and Propulsion (students please see Moodle site)

Research Summary

Dr Eastwick is a member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering research group. Current projects include:

  • performance of biomass in energy generation systems
  • thermal storage systems for energy generation
  • heat and flow management in electrical motors

These projects are aimed at reducing losses and reducing environmental impact of a range of energy and transport systems. The investigations are carried out both experimentally and using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Scopus Author ID: 6602598305

Selected Publications

Past Research

  • Mathematical modelling of pulverised coal combustion (PhD)
  • Modelling of car tyre chips in a cement works precalciner
  • Modelling of high velocity oxy-fuel thermal spray system
  • Modelling of Oil-Air Separators
  • Experimental and computational investigation of swirling jets
  • CFD modelling of Bearing Chambers
  • Modelling the noise generated by wind turbines
  • Modelling flow around gears and reducing parasitic losses
  • Droplet impact onto moving liquid films
  • Draining flows
  • Characteristics and perception of noise from wind turbine systems
  • Biomass storage and milling
  • Biomass combustion

Future Research

Dr Eastwick is particularly interested in reducing the impact on the environment by energy and transport sources. She is interested in reducing emissions from current energy sources as well as integrating renewable sources of energy into the global energy mix.

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