Student fees and finance

Other fees you may have to pay 2021/22

These are fee regulations which describe what other fees you may have to pay.

1. Examination and re-examination fees


The University tuition fees for a given academic year include the fees for initial examination (ie the first attempt at an examination) in that year. If you are required to undertake re-examination and are permitted to, or are required to, undertake further study before that re-examination then the fee you pay for this further study will include the re-examination fee.

Otherwise, you must pay for any re-examination, or for any initial examination where a University tuition fee has not been paid. If there are extenuating circumstances the University may decide to treat a re-examination as a first attempt, in which case no additional fee will be charged.


If the examination takes place outside the UK, an additional examination or re-examination fee must be paid. In addition, the British Council or other agency acting on behalf of the University may impose local charges for the hire of rooms, invigilation, etc.


The University will tell you when you must pay your examination or re-examination fees and how you should do so. If you do not pay in the required time, then the 'what happens if you don't pay' section will apply.


Details of examination and re-examination fees are given in the exceptional fees table.

2. Registration for thesis-pending, extension to thesis submission date or late submission for postgraduate research students


Postgraduate research students registering for their thesis-pending period and for an extension of the permitted submission date for a thesis must pay an additional fee. 


Postgraduate research students submitting their thesis later than the permitted submission date without approved extenuating circumstances, must pay an additional fee if their thesis is accepted for examination.


Details of these fees are given in the exceptional fees table.

3. Administration charges


If you fail to register for your course by the deadline you have been given without a good reason, you may be charged a late registration fee.


If you pay your fees in a way or at a time differing from how you are told, you may be required to pay a payment administration fee.


Details of these fees are given in the exceptional fees table.

4. Other fees and charges


The University may set other fees and charges, such as for accommodation, field trips, the attendance of guests at graduation ceremonies, library deposits and sports facilities. You will be notified of the amounts, payment requirements and other conditions at the appropriate time.

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