Gendering Latin American Independence
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Manuela Sanz de Santamaría de González Manrique

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

She hosted meetings of the literary circle El Buen Gusto, Bogotá, at which radical politicians such as Camilo Torres held discussions. (Cherpak, 220)

Her tertulias, El Buen Gusto, are mentioned in connection with the Theatre of Independence. This was the product of such literary circles, along with Nariño’s and in the society of José María Salazar, José Miguel Montalvo and José Fernández Madrid. (Arciniegas, 686-688.)

A wealthy, aristocratic woman, she hosted tertulias at her Bogotá home. (Knaster, 487.)

She ordered and classified a study of natural history. She petitioned the crown following the imprisonment of her son. (Díaz y Díaz, 108, 110-111)

She was born in Bogotá, the daughter of Francisco Sanz de Santamaría and Petronila Prieto y Ricaurte (who were involved in the Comuneros rebellion). She married Francisco González Manrique son of President of Real Audiencia, a respectable, noble colonial family. Her mother wanted her daughters to shine spiritually and she could translate Latin, Italian and French. Humboldt praised her literary talents. She was also interested in natural history (her husband's profession). Her infant children, Tomasa and José Angel attended her tertulias. (Monsalve, 21-24)

She published an article about public education in the Papel periódico de Santafé de Bogotá. (Socolow, 170-171)

She was part of the González Manrique, Alvarez, Ricaurte, París, Pardo, Nariño clan. (Monsalve, 139) Mother of Josefa Manrique.

Life Events

Other 1810She was hosting tertulias at this time.


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Petition: Carta


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