Gendering Latin American Independence
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Francisco Antonio Zea

Other names/titles: Hebephilo
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was born on 23 November 1766, at Medellín, Colombia. A journalist, academic, poet, and scientist, drafted several papers in Spain. He used pseudonym Hebephilo. (Sánchez López, 810.)

He studied in Popayán and then at San Bartolomé de Bogotá, as a student and a teacher. He was sub-director of the Expedición Botánica. He collaborated in the publication of Los Derechos del Hombre, for which he was detained and sent to Spain, but he was acquitted of charges and travelled to France. He returned to Madrid and taught natural sciences in the University, was a member of several scientific societies and director of the Botanical Gardens in Madrid. He returned to New Granada in 1815 where Bolívar sought him as an ayudante and consejero after 1819. He was President of the Congress of Angostura, Venezuela, and Vice-President of Gran Colombia (both in 1819?). In 1818 he founded and directed El Correo del Orinoco, a newspaper that contributed to the independence cause and that defended the rights of Americans through its information and propaganda. It contained patriotic, pro-Independence articles and propaganda in favour of rights of Americans. He was sent on a diplomatic mission to England where he died at Bath on 22 November 1822. (Ardila, 14-15.)

He attended the Nariño tertulias in 1789. (Forero, 20)

O'Leary claimed that he earned Bolívar's displeasure by appointing Antonio José de Sucre a general in 1819 without permission. He was Vice-President of Colombia in 1819. (Humphreys, 18, 57-58.)

Cousin of Josefa Díaz de Girardot.

Life Events

Born 1766He was born on 23 November 1766, Medellín.
Other 1789He attended the Nariño tertulias from around 1789-1794.
Other 1815He returned to Bogotá from France.
Other 1818He founded and directed El Correo del Orinoco
Other 1819He was Vice-President of Colombia.
Died 1822He died on 22 November 1822, Bath, England.


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