Gendering Latin American Independence
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Francisca Villanova y Marco

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

From Bogotá, she married Viceroy Amar y Borbon. On 11 September 1808 she attended a banquet to show loyalty to Fernando VII. (Monsalve, 29-30)

On 13 August 1810, after Independence was declared, she and the Viceroy were defended from an angry crowd by Magdalena Ortega, wife of Nariño. The crowd wanted to punish the former Viceroy for the mistakes of the administration. (Knaster, 484, Forero, 118-128.)

On 20 July 1810 she and the Viceroy were imprisoned by after a group of creoles stormed the palace. She was held in a convent and on 13 August taken to the Cárcel del Divorcio, a place for lost women. Some 600 women wearing sayas and mantles lined the streets as she was taken from the convent to the prison. It was said to be a miracle that Villanova reached the prison alive. On 14 August the nobility of the town insisted the Viceroys should be released from prison and returned to the palace. The plaza was sealed off to protect them from the crowd. Ortega was among several named by Monsalve who achieved their safe transfer. (Monsalve, 92-94)

Life Events

Other 1810She was imprisoned on 20 July 1810.
Other 1811On 11 September 1808 she attended a banquet of loyalty to Fernando VII.


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