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Bartolina Siza

Other names/titles: Bartholina Sisa
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Indigenous

Biographical details

Born in Sicasica Province, (Peru?) in 1762, she fought alongside her husband, Julián Apaza (Túpac Kapari), for the independence of Upper Peru. She organised the siege of La Paz. (Pallis, 23.)

On 5 December 1782 Francisco Tadeo Diez de Medina ordered that she be taken to the Plaza Mayor, made to wear a crown of cuero y plumas. Her head and hands were cut off, and displayed in Cruzpata, Altos de San Pedro and Pampajasi, where she had operated. Later her head was taken to the pueblos of Ayooayo y Sapahagui, Sicasica province. (Guardia, 45)

O'Phelan claims she was hung on 5 September 1782 and that she was an Indian weaver from Caracato, Sicasica. (O'Phelan, 212, 309) During her trial she pointed out that she had been imprisoned five times because her husband had not been able to pay his tribute to the corregidor. (O'Phelan, 266)

In January 1980 a National Congress of Peasant Women formed a branch of the name Federación Nacional de Mujeres Campesinas de Bolivia "Bartolina Sisa" in recognition of her contribution. (Albó, 405)

She is listed as a washerwoman and seamstress in 1781. She was charged with ordering 2,000 troops to the siege of La Paz and hung in La Paz on 5 September 1782. (Campbell, 195)

Fisher describes her as a mestizo, who was aged 26 in 1781. (Fisher, 1966, 248)

She was sentenced to death by the same judge who tried Túpac Amaru. She was dragged to her execution tied to the tail of a horse, made to wear a leather crown and plumes. She carried a cross in her hand. She was then hanged and dismembered. (Fisher, 1966, 319)

Life Events

Born 1755Fisher gives her age as 26 in 1781.
Born 1762She was born around 1762.
Other 1781She participated in the Túpac Amaru rebellion.
Died 1782She was executed on 5 September 1782.


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